Michael Bisping and Cung Le to undergo enhanced drug testing

Bisping and Le will go through additional drug tests this weekend 

UFC Fight Night in China headliner Michael Bisping might just be one of the loudest voices in the sport when it comes to more stringent drug testing, and it seems his employers are listening.

Bisping requested additional enhanced testing for his upcoming fight with Cung Le, taking place this Saturday from Macau, China. Since China has no recognized athletic commission to oversee the bout, the UFC acts as a governing body to sanction the bouts, assign referees and judges, as well as conduct and enforce drug testing and penalties.

During Wednesday’s edition of "UFC Tonight," Ariel Helwani reported that the UFC will comply with Bisping’s wishes and introduce enhanced testing for his fight with Le this weekend.

The enhanced testing includes both urine and blood tests being administered with the full cost falling on the UFC’s shoulders.

It’s been well documented that enhanced testing will show substances that urine tests alone can’t pick up, although the additional testing does cost much more than the normal version given by commissions before and after fights.

The UFC will assume the cost and test both Bisping and Le this weekend for all substances with both blood and urine samples being given.