Live Blog Recap: Diaz submits McGregor, Tate taps Holm

Nate Diaz backed up his talk, Saturday night, by making Conor McGregor quit at UFC 196. 

Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Conor McGregor got into a war of attrition with Nate Diaz on Saturday, in Las Vegas, and lost. After being hurt and cut open by big left hands in the first, Diaz piled on his own punch offense in the second.

McGregor was wobbled and hurt, badly, shot in for a takedown and things rapidly got worse for him, there. Diaz reversed positions, took mount, punched to force McGregor to turn his back, flattened out McGregor’s hips and then sunk in a fight-ending choke, forcing McGregor to tap-out, quickly.

Conor McGregor (19-2) vs. Nate Diaz (19-10)

Let me start by saying how sad I am to see that Nate Diaz is no-longer wearing jeans and a t-shirt to the cage. Hopefully the fight can make me feel better.

Round 1

The two men square up for final instructions and jaw at one another with referee Herb Dean and 48 Nevada commission officials between them. McGregor swings a big left, misses, and Nate misses a right hook counter.

Conor misses a spinning heel kick and Nate clinches up with him and presses against the cage. McGregor gets free on his own.

Conor steps in with a right jab and follows with a long left to the jaw. McGregor with the speed and use of length advantage, here, early.

Nate looking to counter but doesn’t seem to have the speed to connect, yet. Nate lands two lefts to the head.

McGregor connects with a left uppercut to the head and eats a right jab to the face. They trade right hands to the jaw. Conor changes levels and eats two more punches to the head.

Diaz bleeding from the right side of his face, pretty badly. Diaz lands two jabs and eats a left overhand to the head, and another.

Diaz lands a one-two to the head. Diaz lands a lead jab to the gut and then hits a single-leg takedown. 

Nate stands straight up then bends over at his hips instead of staggering his stance and keeping his hips low and Conor sweeps him.

The round ends with Nate rolling for a knee bar against the fence.

Round 2

McGregor misses a spinning back kick to the body and then gets slapped by Diaz with the right hand. McGregor misses another spinning kick but connects with a hook to the body.

McGregor lands two left punches to the head. Diaz clinches with McGregor and presses him against the cage.

Conor gets free, soon, and attacks with uppercuts. Diaz hits a jab but then eats a left cross.

Diaz’s face is a bloody mess but he’s firing back and landing. Conor dropping his hands and bobbing and weaving.

Nate connects with a stiff jab but then eats a knee from the Thai plum to the head from McGregor.  Diaz lands two consecutive one-two punch combos to the head that wobble McGregor badly.

Conor is hurt and bleeding, on uneasy legs. Diaz lands another three punches with no offense returned from McGregor. Diaz presses Conor against the cage, using great head position and left hooks to the head.

Conor gets free and fires abck with his own big punches. Nate hurts him again and Conor shoots for a takedown.

He gets it but Diaz locks on a guillotine choke! McGregor passes but Diaz scrambles, takes the mount, triple-attack, then punches Conor until he gives up his back.

Like butter, Nate sinks in the rear-naked choke and forces the tap.

Official Decision: Diaz def. McGregor by submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:12 of the second round.

Holly Holm (10-0) vs. Miesha Tate (17-5) 

Round 1

The two circle one another for a minute and a half before Holm misses with a side kick and Miesha catches it and tries for a takedown. Holm gets her leg back and defends the shot but Tate connects with a left hook to the head on separation.

Holm connects with a straight left to the head. Tate and Holm collide, and Holm pushes Tate away, sending her reeling.

Tate slips and steps to her right to avoid a Holm one-two punch combo. Tate’s right cheek and/or eye is reddened, already.

Tate lands a counter left hook to the head and then evades another left cross. Tate blocks a left high kick.

Round 2

Tate charges in with punches that miss. Tate changes her level and then scores a double-leg takedown. 

Holm tries to elevate her with a right half butterfly guard but Tate hips down and maintains top half guard position, landing elbows and punches.

Tate secures the far side of Holm and peppers Holm with elbows and fists from her right arm. Tate lands left elbows to the ribs, while keeping her pinned.

Holm looked like she is scooting back to get to the cage wall to use it to wall-walk but Tate angles her away. Tate lands several more hard elbows to the head of Holm.

Tate postures up momentarily to land more shots. Holm turns and gives up her back.

Tate gets both hooks in and secures an over-under grip from on top, facing down. Tate pucnches then tries for a short-grip rear-naked choke.

Tate gets under the chin and pulls Holm backwards! But Holm fights the connecting hand and stops her from clasping them together to finish the hold!

Holm gets her neck free but is saved by the bell. Complete domination from Tate, in round two.

Round 3

Tate lands an outside lead leg-kick and blocks a high kick. Tate lands a counter left hook to the head.

Holm counters a knee with a straight jab to the face. Tate shoots in again but gets defended.

Tate moving nicely from side-to-side, avoiding most of Holly’s big punches and kicks. Tate blocks a left body kick and counters with a left hook to the head.

Holm counters a lead push kick from Tate with a punch combo to the head. Tate lands another left hook to the head but then eats a side kick to the body.

Tate shoots in again but Holm angles-away and defends. Close round, just like the first. The only clear round winner is the second, in Tate’s favor.

Round 4

In between rounds, Holm’s coach Mike Winkeljohn calls for her to throw more oblique kicks at Tate. Tate lands a glancing left hook and then eats a side kick.

Holm lands another oblique kick. It buckles Tate’s lead leg but then catches Holm’s and presses her against the cage, looking for a takedown. 

Holm turns her around and presser her against the fence, before pushing her away. Holm misses with a left straight, but then pushes Tate away with both hands.

Tate ducks under a front kick and thinks about a takedown attempt but Holm gets away. Tate shoots again, gets in deep but Holm sprawls and peppers her with punches, before getting back to her feet.

Tate slips another left straight and counters with a left hook to the head. Holm lands a front kick, high.

Holm connects with another body kick.

Round 5

Tate leads once more with another front kick that isn’t set up with punches and pays for it as Holm lands a straight cross. Holm lands another kick to the body of her own

Tate shoots in at waist-level but is defended. Holm lands an overhand left to the chin.

Tate ducks under another left, shoots in for a takedown, but Holm gets her hips out and defends it. Tate lands a big lead push kick that throws off of her base.

Holm lands a side kick to the body and Tate tries to catch it to shoot for a takedown. Tate ducks under another left cross but is then dragged down to the mat again!

Tate takes her back against the cage. Holm stands but Tate is under her neck!

Holm has no defense for it and flips forward to slam Tate on the ground. She does, but Tate keeps her hold in.

Tate keeps squeezing, Holly won’t tap, but she goes out, cold.

Official Decision: Tate wins by technical submission (rear-naked choke) at 3:30 of the fifth and final round.

Gian Villante (14-6) vs. Illir Latifi (12-4-1)

Round 1

Villante throws several high kicks before getting a low one caught by Latifi. The Swede charges forward, looking for a takedown, pressing Villante against the cage.

Villante lands two low kicks. Latifi doesn’t check them, choosing instead to reach with his hands for them.

Villante goes low again with a kick and Latifi does catch this one. He fires a punch at the head of Villante, afterwards and rocks the New Yorker backwards.

Latifi presses Villante against the cage, landing knees and trying for a right uppercut on separation. Latifi shoots in again. 

He starts with a single-leg attempt but after Villante defends, presses him backwards against the cage. Villante gets free once more and Latifi throws an uppercut on separation.

Soon, Latifi is back on Villante, pressing him against the cage. Villante works a left underhook and a right whizzer to defend the takedown attempt.

Villante gets free and Latifi throws another punch, that misses, on separation.

Round 2

The two light heavyweights get into a clinch and Latifi gets behind Villante. Finally, he gets a takedown – a dramatic belly-to-back- suplex.

Villante seems relatively un-fazed and stands back up. Latifi gets in under his hips and scores another slam.

Villante gets up but Latifi sticks to him like glue for the rest of the round.

Round 3

Latifi lands a straight cross punch to the mid-section and then shoots in for a takedown against the cage. Villante defends and lands a knee to the ribs, but is still pinned against the wall.

Villante angles-off of the cage, and huffs and puffs while he stalks Latifi. Latifi swings and misses with a spinning heel kick. 

Latifi lands a big overhand right to the head of Villante that momentarily wobbles him. Latifi catches Villante coming in again, this time with a left cross.

Latifi lands another left hook to the head. Latifi ducks under a Villante punch and scores another takedown slam.

Villante gets up, hits a switcha nd ends the round working from behind for a takedown of his own.

Official Decision: Latifi wins a unanimous decision with scores of 30-27.

Corey Anderson (8-1) vs. Tom Lawlor (10-5-0-1)

Round 1

Lawlor gets Anderson against the cage, hurts him badly with an uppercut to the face. Lawlor follows up with hooks and uppercuts to the body and head.

Anderson is wobbly but gets off the cage. Anderson gets to work with a left inside left kick.

Anderson lands a left hook to the head. Anderson connects once more with another inside leg kick.

Round 2

Lawlor catches a kick from Anderson and takes him down. Anderson pops right back up to his feet, however.

Lawlor connects with a left to the head. Anderson fires back with a one-two to the head, and Lawlor lands a counter left hook to the jaw.

The chants of "Filthy Lawlor!" ring out from the crowd. Anderson bouncing and moving laterally quite well, firing but mostly missing with straight punches.

Anderson doubles-up on a right cross and lands the second one. Lawlor connects with a left straight, flush to the jaw that snaps Anderson’s head backwards.

Anderson responds aggressively with his own punches. Both men attempt a takedown from the clinch and Anderson lands a knee to the body right before the horn.

Round 3

Lawlor lands a short right hand to the head of Anderson, and Corey lands a jab to the face. Anderson ducks under a punch from Lawlor and scores a double-leg takedown.

Anderson lands in side mount and looks to establish the position. Anderson lands some left knees to the body of Lawlor, from on top. 

Lawlor works an underhook to try and get up. He gets stuffed but gets a half guard.

Lawlor tries to control the posture of Anderson but Corey frames down, gets his head high and brings strikes down, hard, onto the head of Lawlor.

Lawlor tries to use a knee shield from his half guard but gets stuffed by Anderson, who has both arms underhooked.

Lawlor pummels and gets both underhooks back. Anderson is able to maintain the top position but referee John McCarthy steps in to give one fighter – Lawlor – a huge assist to do something he wasn’t able to do himself, and stands them up with under a minute left.

McCarthy is getting worse and worse with these stand-ups. He now routinely seems to stand fighters up from dominant positions on the ground.

Anderson lands a straight cross and the round is over. Both men raise their arms in victory at the horn.

Official Decision:

Corey Anderson wins a unanimous decision with strange scores of 30-27 (twice), and 29-28.

30-27 means that two judges scored all three rounds for Anderson, including the first round where he was stunned and wobbled badly by punches. That makes no sense, though it is entirely possible to score it for either man.

It should have come down to how you scored the second round. Lawlor definitely won the first round, Anderson certainly won the third. The second was close.

Amanda Nunes (11-4) vs. Valentina Shevchenko (12-1)

Round 1

Nunes bounces around, firing one-off strikes. Valentina stays out of the way and is on her toes, but mostly standing straight up, patiently. Nunes goes high and connects with a head kick.

Nunes connects with an inside kick tot he right leg of Valentina, and then follows up with a left hook. 

Valentina looking to counter, exclusively. Nunes lands a right kick to the body, and then scores a takedown with 45 seconds left.

Nunes lands an elbow to the face, then a punch, and gets swept, but then stands and takes Valentina back down at the horn.

Round 2

Valentina catches a kick from Nunes, trips her, and gets the takedown. Nunes scrambles up to her feet and scores her own takedown. From on top, in the half guard, Nunes lands big elbows and punches.

Valentina tries to wrap up Nunes’ head to control her posture. Nunes frames on her face, gets her posture back and returns the onslaught.

Valentina gamely gets to her feet but Nunes stays glued to her and takes her back down to the mat. Valentina is bleeding from her face, badly, underneath Nunes.

Nunes passes the half guard to side mount with under a minute left. From there, she goes to knee-on-belly, then mount, and then takes the the back when Valentina turns.

Nunes works for a rear naked choke but is not under the chin. Valentina escapes and ends the round on top, inside the full guard.

Round 3

Nunes gets hit by a bad elbow on the feet, tries for a takedown but gets slammed by Valentina. Valentina is in side mount and works for a Kimura shoulder lock.

Nunes gets out and recomposes her open guard, before standing back up to her feet. Nunes ducks low in a half-hearted takedown attempt and Valentina catches her head in the Thai plum and delivers two hard knee strikes to the head.

Nunes is clearly hurt. She bends over and reaches for another takedown and gets caught in another front headlock.

Nunes has the presence of mind to keep one hand on the ground so she can’t legally get kneed to the head. She gets free.

Nunes bends over and reaches for another takedown but gets nowhere with it. Valentina is much fresher, now, firing-off combos ending with knees.

Valentina grabs the head and pulls off a head drag to end the fight on top.

Official Decision: 

Nunes wins a unanimous decision with scores of 29-28, and 29-27 (twice).