McGregor on a war-path

If the UFC’s top featherweight fighters weren’t listening to

Conor McGregor before, they definitely are now.

The heavily-hyped Irish featherweight came into FOX Sports

shortly after


target="_blank">decimating Max Holloway at UFC Fight Night: Shogun

vs Sonnen and proceeded to put the elite fighters of the 145lbs

weight class on blast.


Notorious” tweeted his thoughts on the UFC’s

145lbs Top

Ten and received on outpouring of support from fans.

UFC lightweight Diego Sanchez, however, was less than pleased

with McGregor’s comments. Thus, a new beef was born.

Sanchez’s response did nothing but add fuel to the Irishmen’s

fire, as Conor responded to Diego’s slight at him by calling him

out in every way, shape and form.

This is not McGregor’s first time going after other fighters, as

his fearless and blunt views of his fellow featherweight’s have

resulted in more than a few beefs accumulated in his UFC career

thus far, namely Twitter feuds with

Cub Swanson and

Dustin Poirier.

Will Conor get his fight with a ranked featherweight? Only time

will tell, but one thing we can count on is that “The Notorious”

won’t be afraid to ask for it.