Matt Serra: Conor McGregor talked too much trash to tap out against Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz applies a rear-naked-choke on Conor McGregor at UFC 196. Shortly after, McGregor submitted.

Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Retired former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra had a good time watching Conor McGregor get submitted by Nate Diaz earlier this month because of how badly the Irishman had crossed the line with his trash talk. Once Diaz began to wobble McGregor with his punches in the second round of their UFC 196 co-main event, "The Terror" began celebrating.

"I love the Diaz brothers, so when [Nate] [expletive] lit him up, when he started landing, (laughs) I was going nuts," he told the Three Amigos Podcast, recently.

"My oldest child does an impersonation of me [and] I was going ballistic at my in-laws. I was going nuts."

For all the tough talk McGregor had pre-fight, Serra was surprised that he didn’t keep fighting while being choked the way Holly Holm did against Miesha Tate in the UFC 196 co-main event. Holm seemed not to think anything of the fact that she went out-cold from a rear-naked-choke, instead of tapping out.

Post-fight, the former bantamweight champ said she was simply trying to get out the whole time. All of McGregor’s career losses have come by way of submission, and he’s tapped out relatively quickly in them all.

His first two submission losses were much earlier in his career. As a UFC champion and the biggest trash-talker in the game, Serra thought McGregor should have kept on fighting the choke until he was unconscious and the referee would have had to stop the bout.

"Not being a [expletive]," Serra began, not-so-innocently.

"But look at Conor — all the [expletive] you talked, take a nap, man. It’s not like your arm was about to break. I understand you want your career and if it was a kneebar, you’ll be out for six months.

"But, dude, if worse comes comes to worst, you’ll think you’re in your bedroom [if you get choked out]. That’s it. You’ll wake up like, ‘WTF,’ but everything will be alright."