Matt Brown responds to Tyron Woodley and updates his injury status

When will Matt Brown be back and who does he want to face? 

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Fresh off his win over Dong Hyun Kim in China, top five ranked welterweight Tyron Woodley wasted no time making known his desire to face Matt Brown for his next fight inside the Octagon. 

On Tuesday, Brown responded to Woodley (via the podcast below) as well as gave an update on the hand injury he suffered in his fight with Robbie Lawler back in July.  As of now, Brown isn’t ready to sign on the dotted line to face anybody due to his hand still keeping him out of action, but once he’s cleared, he’ll be ready to take on any contender the UFC puts in front of him.

Whether that’s Woodley or potentially a fight with Carlos Condit remains to be seen.

"At this point, I just went to the doctor this morning for my hand so it’s going to be four weeks before I’m cleared to spar, punch pads, or do anything hardcore grappling.  Between now and then is really when I’m going to decide what happens.  It’s fairly irrelevant at this point, but (Tyron) Woodley or (Carlos) Condit is probably going to be next in line," Brown stated on the podcast.

"Me and Condit were supposed to fight once before and I think that’s the fight everybody really wants to see.  I think our styles, the way they match up, is the most interesting fight out there, but I’m open to whatever."

Brown goes into further detail on his preference on the show as well as giving his thoughts on the recent fights between Michael Bisping and Cung Le as well as the upcoming bout between T.J. Dillashaw and Renan Barao.

The entire crew is here including UFC Hall of Famer Mark ‘The Hammer’ Coleman, who tells an amazing backstage story from his days in PRIDE when he was cornering Kevin Randleman when all the guy wanted to do was get some food before a fight.

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