Munoz fighting to KO bullying

Today, Mark Munoz is a contender in the UFC middleweight

division, and a former NCAA Division I National Champion wrestler.

But the man known as “The Filipino Wrecking Machine”

only made his way to the mats after being bullied as a kid.

Now, Munoz is working with the

target="_blank">Orange County Department of Education to create

an anti-bullying campaign.


Ultimate Insider accompanied Munoz to a speaking engagement at

Valley High School in Santa Ana, California, where the 13-3

competitor–who squares off with Lyoto “The Dragon”


target="_blank">later this month in Manchester, England–shared

his personal story with bullying, and how it ultimately led him to

the Octagon.

Munoz and teammate Jake Ellenberger discuss the importance of

spreading the anti-bullying message and how everyone can play a

role in preventing bullying from happening in their schools and

their communities.