Mark Hunt scores walk-off KO over Frank Mir at UFC Fight Night

The king of the walk-off KO scored perhaps the most impressive one in his long and prolific career Saturday in Brisbane, Australia. It took just one powerful overhand right hand to the side of the head to crumple Frank Mir, and Mark Hunt knew it was all over.

The Super Samoan dropped his hands, shrugged and walked away before the referee even could slide in and officially stop the heavyweight UFC Fight Night main event. The end came at 3:01 of the first round.

"It’s sad one of us has to lose tonight. Frank’s a good guy," the New Zealander and adopted Australian said, with his typical humility and perspective.

Hunt’s win is his second straight and improves his record to 12-10-1, while dropping the two-time world champion Mir’s to 18-11. Just weeks away from his 42nd birthday, Hunt finds himself, once again, implausibly close to a title fight.

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