Maia & Shields interview each other

What is going on here?

Brazilian UFC correspondent Paula Sack brought UFC Fight Night:

Maia vs. Shields headliners Demian Maia and Jake Shields up to a

rooftop in Brazil for your standard interview.

Ok, maybe not a standard interview. Sack flipped the interview

process on it’s head by surprising the two fighters and having them

interview each other.

It’s weird enough hanging out with someone you’re going to be

locked in the Octagon and punching in the face in less than two

weeks, but having to personally interview them? That’s a whole new

level of awkward.

Shields and Maia do a pretty good job of holding it together,

but the awkward feeling is palpable. Particularly when they as each

other about their gameplans.

“So what’s your gameplan for fighting me?”

*Awkward laughter*

You can almost feel the never asked, “No, but seriously. Tell me

your gameplan.”


target="_blank">UFC Fight Night: Maia vs. Shields goes down

October 9th in Sau Paulo, Brazil.