Machida head kick KO’s Munoz

Lyoto Machida announced his presence as a title contender in the middleweight ranks with a stunning first-round knockout win over Mark Munoz.

In the co-main event, controversy ensued as Melvin Guillard caught Ross Pearson with a blistering knee to the head.

Get caught up on all the action with our complete play-by-play of UFC Fight Night: Machida vs. Munoz.

Lyoto Machida (19-4) vs. Mark Munoz (13-3)

Round 1

Leon Roberts with the main event assignment here.

Here we go.

Munoz moving side to side, Machida patient in the center, as always. Munoz tries to step in with a jab, Machida evades. Machida doing his back leg twitch thing. Left hand from Machida parried away. Inside leg kick attempt from Munoz. First shot from Munoz is halfhearted. Body kick from Machida. Two down. Machida controlling the center. Body kick thumps into the midsection from Machida. Two left. Inside leg kick from Machida. Head kick – Munoz is OUT!

Official Result: Lyoto Machida defeats Mark Munoz by KO (Head kick) at 3:10 of Round 1.

Analysis: DAMN! Been a while since we’ve seen Machida go high with thunder, but man, what a way to debut in the middleweight division. He might have just vaulted himself into a title shot with that win, depending on the outcome of the UFC 168 main event, of course. Just a brilliant finish.

That’s it for the live blog – we’ll be back again in 10 days for the UFC Fight for the Troops card on November 6.

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Melvin Guillard (31-12-2) vs. Ross Pearson (15-6)

Round 1

Marc Goddard referees the co-main event.

They touch gloves and we’re started. Jab for Guillard, who circles away. Inside leg kick for Pearson. Right misses, left lands for Guillard. Both kick at the same time. Jab quick for Guillard. Inside leg kick for Pearson. Uppercut misses for Guillard. Body kick for Pearson. Right hand lands crisp for Guillard. Again. Pearson ducks away from a right. Jab lands. Pearson ducks again, Guillard with a knee to the body. Flying knee from Pearson. Guillard catches him and they fall to the ground. Knees from Guillard, Pearson is cut, Marc Goddard jumps in. The doctor comes to look at the cut and this fight is being stopped. Not sure how this is going to be called. The second knee looked like Pearson’s hand was on the canvas, which makes it an illegal knee.

Official Result: No Contest – Accidental Foul (Knee to the Head of a Downed Opponent)

Analysis: UGH! Guillard looked crisp, and the first knee landed hard just as Pearson came off the ground. His hand was down for the second, and this is the right call in terms of the rule book, but man it sucks to have a fight like this stopped.

Jimi Manuwa (13-0) vs. Ryan Jimmo (18-2)

Round 1

Neal Hall with the officiating duties here.

Jimmo charges out with a right hand. Outside leg kick for the Canadian. Knee inside from Jimmo. Controls the clinch, turns Manuwa into the fence. Knee from Manuwa. Trading knees in close. Warning from Neal Hall to work. More knees. Broken up off the fence. Knee to the body for Manuwa. Back on the cage, Manuwa in front this time. Knee to the thigh. Again. Two down. Warning from Hall. Knee from Manuwa. Jimmo turns off the fence, puts Manuwa’s back on the cage. Call for action from Hall. Manuwa looks for a scoop, denied, but turns Jimmo. More hard knees to the thigh from Manuwa. Split from the cage. Body kick for Manuwa. Two left. Body kick for Manuwa, right hand for Jimmo. Body kick for Jimmo. Inside leg kick for Manuwa. Right hand for Jimmo, and a hook kick that just misses. Inside leg kick for Manuwa. One minute. Feints from both, but no strikes. 30 seconds. Left hand lunging in for Jimmo. Left hook with anger from Manuwa. Jimmo to the body, right hand down the pipe.

10-9 Manuwa: The knees along the cage were the most effective strikes of the frame. Jimmo is clearly frustrating him though. Close round. Interesting fight so far.

Round 2

Jab for Jimmo. Left hook leaping in for Manuwa, Jimmo clinches, puts him on the cage. Jimmo looks for a high knee. Jimmo ducks under an elbow attempt from Manuwa. Good knee inside for Jimmo. Warning from Hall. Knees from Manuawa. Stopped. Broken to the center. Body kick from Manuwa, right hand for Jimmo. Low kick for Manuwa. Outside leg kick from Manuwa, step in jab for Jimmo. Manuwa stalking a little more now. Leg kick lands hard. Two down. Body kick from Jimmo lands hard. Manuwa with a short elbow in close. Clinched along the cage. Halfway point. Knee to the body for Manuwa. Turn from Jimmo. Knees inside for the Canadian. Knee inside catches Jimmo low. Time is called. Manuwa getting instruction in his corner, should have moved. Restarted. Jab for Jimmo. Outside leg kick from Manuwa. Jimmo into the clinch. 90 seconds. Jimmo with Manuwa on the fence. Warning from Hall right away. Again. Jimmo looks for a trip, Manuwa defends. Stopped. Split. One minute. Hook from Manuwa, who backs Jimmo into the cage. Uppercut from Manuwa. Right hand for Jimmo. Knee lands for Manuwa and Jimmo collapses to the ground as he’s moving backwards. Jimmo plants his foot and it looks like his Achilles gives out. Neal Hall stops it.

Official Result: Jimi Manuwa defeats Ryan Jimmo by TKO (Injury) at 4:41 of Round 2.

Analysis: Tough way for this one to end, but Manuwa stays undefeated. Not nearly the blistering offence we’ve seen from him in the past, but that’s three-in-a-row in the UFC now. Will be interesting to see what the UFC does with him next – he’s great against strikers, but would like to see him tested against a wrestler or someone slightly higher up the ladder.

Norman Parke (18-2) vs. Jon Tuck (7-0)

Round 1

Leon Roberts with the assignment here.

Southpaw for Parke, orthodox for Tuck. Inside leg kick lands for Tuck. Again. Jab counters for Parke. Body kick from Tuck. Countered by Parke. Right hand for Tuck. Thigh kick for Tuck. Headkick blocked. Left hand lands for Parke. Tuck counters with two rights, into the clinch. Trip attempt, but stopped. Both land in close. Two down. Right lands for Tuck. Body-head combo for Parke. Parke gets poked, not stopped, Tuck throws the headkick. Halfway point. Warning about the extended fingers from Roberts. Inside leg kick from Tuck. Left hand lands, Parke counters with a left of his own. Two left. Right hand for Tuck. Left hand from Parke, again. Tuck ducks out of the way of one. The next one lands though. Headkick from Parke misses. One minute. Inside leg kick for Tuck. Left hook glances for Tuck. Headkick misses barely. Inside leg kick, counter left lands crisp for Parke. Right to the body from Tuck, response from Parke. 10 seconds, Parke for the takedown, gets the short throw at the horn.

10-9 Parke: The counters were landing flush throughout and were the most crisp, damaging shots of the round. Late takedown with some force is a nice finishing touch.

Round 2

Parke charges out quickly, throwing the left. Walking Tuck down. Left to the body. Jabs land for Parke, 1-2 follows. Body kick from Tuck lands hard, twice. Left to the body again for Parke. 1-2 for Parke. Right hook lands for Tuck, but he’s not throwing any combos. Body-head-head from Parke, ending with the left. Parke pressuring. Tuck tiring. Body kick from Parke. Two down. Right lands for Tuck, but doesn’t deter Parke. Parke landing combos – two jabs and a left. Left hand again. Once more. Opening up with the left a little more, landing crisp down the middle. Headkick blocked. 90 seconds. Left hand lands again. Parke slipping shots and landing as he walks Tuck down. Jump knee from Tuck. One minute. Another combo from Parke. Headkick. Parke ultra-comfortable and confident here. 30 seconds. Tuck pushes off the cage with a Superman punch, eats a left hand. 10 seconds. Another left.

10-9 Parke, 20-18 Parke through Round 2: He’s in target practice mode here as Tuck is tired. Clean, crisp combinations, not worried about anything Tuck is offering. Would like to see him push for the finish in the third.

Round 3

Parke looking for hands, Tuck a little fresher to start, offering kicks. Capoiera kick attempt from Parke, nowhere close. Body shot with the left from Parke. Overhand left lands. Tuck with a right hand, but there is nothing more coming behind it. Parke lands the thigh jab. Tuck comes forward with a few shots, but Parke counters well. Hgih kick attempt from Parke. Right hand for Tuck, uppercut counters for Parke. Two down, three to go. Left hand lands clean, pops the mouthpiece from Tuck’s mouth. He bends to pick it up, Parke fires a left hand. Halfway point. Left for Parke. Opening up with combos now. Left hand. Body shot and knee from Tuck, but not doing any real damage. Left again from Parke, then an uppercut. Tuck with a right hand. 90 seconds. Body kick from Parke. Left hands land back-to-back. One minute. Uppercut, cross combo from Parke. Three-piece lands. Left again. Uppercut to the body. Uppercut inside, overhand follows. Spinning wheel kick misses. Horn goes.

10-9 Parke, 30-27 overall: good, crisp final round, even if the pace slowed. Strong showing overall for the TUF: Smashes winner.

Official Result: Norman Parke defeats John Tuck by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).

Analysis: Nice showing with the hands here for Parke, who has been a grinding wrestler for the most part thus far. Worked the combinations well, and showed very good cardio, pushing a heavy pace through the first two rounds, tiring Tuck out quickly. He’ll continue to improve as he keeps working with the team at Alliance MMA in San Diego as well.

Alessio Sakara (15-10) vs. Nicholas Musoke (10-2-1)

Round 1

Marc Goddard joining the middleweights in the cage.

Musoke forward early, but Sakara counters and hurts him. Takedown into side control for Sakara. Back to his feet. Left hand lands for Sakara, Musoke lands a stiff counter that hurts Sakara. Knees inside. This is bombs away. Sakara with another left. Crazy start. Musoke puts Sakara into the cage. Gets the takedown. Closed guard. Elbows from the bottom from Sakara. Sakara throws up the legs, Musoke avoids, moves over to half guard, now steps through to side control. Two down. Hand and arm control for Musoke, trying to climb over. Back to half for Sakara. Sakara powers up and out, now he’s dropping bombs. Lowers into Musoke guard, right hand lands flush. Two minutes. Elbow over the top lands, Musoke latches onto an armbar on the other arm. Turns belly-down and it’s over. What a great finish!

Official Result: Nico Musoke defeats Alessio Sakara by Submission (Armbar) at 3:07 of Round 1.

Analysis: Excellent debut win for Musoke, who survived some big shots early and snatched up the arm nicely. He’s a natural welterweight, so a move down to 170 is probably in his future. On short notice against a seasoned vet with serious power, this is a tremendous result.

John Lineker (22-6) vs. Phil Harris (22-10)

Round 1

Neal Hall with the assignment in the main card opener. Of note, Lineker missed weight (again) on Friday, so conditioning could be an issue if this moves into deeper waters.

Touch of gloves and we’re started. Jab lands for Lineker. Outside leg kick. Right hand for Harris. Lineker looking to dig the body. Outside leg kick lands again. One more takes Harris off balance. Right hand for Harris, left counter for Lineker. 1-2 for Harris crisply. Uppercut with a right hand behind it drops Harris. Right back up though. Left hand lands for Lineker. Harris comes forward behind a right. Body kick for Harris, left hook wobbles Harris. Right hook to the jaw for Lineker, Harris on wobbly legs. Lineker coming forward, searching for the finish. Body shots and hooks upstairs for the Brazilian. Big hook to the body crumples Harris. This one is done.

Official Result: John Lineker defeats Phil Harris by TKO (Body Shot) at 2:51 of Round 1.

Analysis: Mixed feelings here as Lineker (a) looked like the dominant, ferocious striker we know him to be, but (b) missed weight for the third time in five UFC appearances. There is no question he is dangerous – tons of power, great chin, ultra-aggressive – but the weight issue is something that will continue to hold him back.

Piotr Hallman (14-1) vs. Al Iaquinta (6-2-1)

Round 1

Leon Roberts joining the lightweights in the final bout of the preliminary card.

Iaquinta on the single right away, takes his back, gets a hook in. Hallmann grabs the cage, catches two warnings. Iaquinta gives up the back, and they’re back in space. Body kick for Iaquinta. Hallmann with a front kick, blocked. Body kick for Hallmann. Little left hook inside for Hallmann. Iaquinta tries to catch the kick, but can’t. Left hook for Hallmann, knee to the body coming forward. Hallmann the aggressor here. Left hook lands, jab and a right hand in response from Iaquinta. Elbow inside from Iaquinta. Hallmann looks for the headkick. Iaquinta ducks in, stuffed. Halfway point. Kick from Hallmann. Both throwing in the center, Hallmann lands a right, repsonse left from Iaquinta. Headkick from Iaquinta. Uppercut from Iaquinta as Hallmann dips. 90 seconds. Hook to the body from Hallmann. Lead jab connects for the Polish fighter. One minute. Body kick from Iaquinta. Starting to move better here in the closing minute of the round. Body kick again. 30 seconds. Grabs a single, shaken off by Hallmann. Right hand from Iaquinta. Hallmann shoots and completes into guard to close the frame.

10-9 Hallmann: Iaquinta had his back early, but Hallmann was cleaner, landing while Iaquinta was trying to find his rhythm.

Round 2

Iaquinta coming forward, slings a hook to the body. Hallmann with a clean combination inside. Iaquinta looking for the headkick, Hallmann uses it for the takedown. Iaquinta back up, controlling along the cage. Elbow over the top, left hook follows for Iaquinta. Right hand for the New Yorker. Bloody nose for Iaquinta. Right hook lands for Iaquinta. Hallmann lands body-head, Iaquinta counters upstairs. Two down. Body kick from Hallmann. 1-2 for Iaquinta. Halfway point. Outside leg kick for Iaquinta. Right hook for Iaquinta buckles Hallmann’s legs. Iaquinta follows up with another right, drops him, swarms. Hallmann up, looking for the takedown. Stuffed. 90 seconds. Hallmann up to his feet. Right hand for Iaquinta. Headkick for Iaquinta follows. Body kick from Hallmann, Iaquinta catches, drives for a takedown. Hallmann back up, eats a right-left. 30 seconds. Hook misses for Hallmann, body shot response from Iaquinta. Left hook lands too. Fastball misses. HORN!

10-9 Iaquinta, 19-19 overall: Iaquinta might have missed an opportunity to finish at the 90 second mark, but clearly won the frame, hurting and dropping Hallmann. Third round wins it.

Round 3

Body kick from Hallmann. Multiple jabs coming forward. Hallmann changes loves nicely, stuffed by Iaquinta. Right hand lands as the stand. Outside leg kicks from Iaquinta. Hallmann shoots again, stuffed. Headkick as Hallmann dips. Spinning back kick from Hallmann lands weakly. Right hand inside from Iaquinta, counter from Hallmann. Left hook lands. Hallmann jumping forward with a hook, poked in the eye. TIME! Hallmann blinking it off. Iaquinta getting a lecture from Roberts, but no point taken. Restarted. Right hand lands for Iaquinta, and again. Two down, three to go. Body kick for Iaquinta. Right hand for Hallmann as they close in on each other. Right to the body for Iaquinta. Upstairs follows. Iaquinta landing as Hallmann comes in. Takedown from Hallmann, but Iaquinta countering it well, rolling through, twice. Back up, two minutes left. Deep single, Iaquinta defends, and pushes Hallmann into the cage, completes the takedown. Hallmann rolls, Iaquinta takes his back. Hallmann stands, knee upstairs from Iaquinta. One minute. Short shots from Hallmann, Iaquinta releases, and they trade short shots. Iaquinta in for another takedown with 30 seconds left. Hallmann up, Iaquinta in on a double. Dumps him again. 10 seconds. Both land as they stand. Horn sounds. Good fight.

10-9 Iaquinta, 29-28 Iaquinta overall: controlled with his wrestling and superior conditioning in the final frame, landed the cleaner shots too.

Official Result: Al Iaquinta defeats Piotr Hallmann by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27).

Analysis: Iaquinta did a good job to find his rhythm and use his superior athleticism, especially over the final two rounds. Second win in under 60 days for the Long Island native. Hallmann is a durable guy, still a solid prospect, but Iaquinta shows he has a promising future with another victory here.

Luke Barnatt (6-0) vs. Andrew Craig (9-1)

Round 1

Marc Goddard has the officiating duties here.

Craig throwing early, not landing though. Leg kick from Craig. Craig jumps in with an overhand right. Barnatt keeping distance. Leg kick from Craig. Barnatt with a long jab, leg kick follows. Right hand lands for Craig. Right hand from Barnatt. Body jab from Barnatt. Inside leg kick for Craig. Jab for Barnatt. Craig with a left, tries to clinch, Barnatt pushes him off. Two down. Leg kick for Craig. Body kick lands for Barnatt, who is still trying to find his range, establish this jab. Craig avoiding most that Barnatt throws. Right hand over the top from Craig. Body kick from Craig. Two left. Trading jabs. Right hook parried by Craig. 90 seconds. Jab lands for Barnatt. Craig looks for a spin, nothing there. Barnatt slow-motion back kick. Right hand from Craig scores. Jab from Barnatt. Barnatt looks at a jumping knee, nothing doing. Right hand tags Craig, Barnatt pounces. Craig looking to defend, back to his feet, but he’s on roller skates. 10 seconds. Knee attempt from Barnatt misses, and Craig makes it to the end of the frame.

10-9 Barnatt: Craig was ahead until that big shot, but Barnatt floored him. Interesting to see if the missed opportunity will cost Barnatt.

Round 2

Craig has recovered nicely, bouncing around to start. Barnatt lands the jab again. Big right from Craig, Barnatt eats it well. Long jab landing clean for Barnatt. Again. 1-2 lands crisp for "Bigslow." Right over the top for Craig. Right hand for Barnatt. Again. A right uppercut connects for Barnatt, who once again raises his hand like he’s won. Craig up, nice trip from Barnatt, landing in a mounted crucifix. Craig spins, gives up his back. Barnatt wraps up the body, sinks in the choke. Craig taps.

Official Result: Luke Barnatt defeats Andrew Craig by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:12 of Round 2.

Analysis: Very good finish for Barnatt here, but the premature celebrations are troubling – gotta get the finish before you raise your hand in victory. His length is going to be a problem for plenty of people, and he uses it well. Clearly some potential for "Bigslow" going forward.

Rosi Sexton (13-3) vs. Jessica Andrade (9-3)

Round 1

Neal Hall joins the female bantamweight fighters in the cage.

Circling each other in the center to start. Front kick look from Andrade. Right hook, left hand behind it land clean for Andrade, and Sexton is clipped. Andrade backs her into the cage, opening up. Sexton covers up well, circles out. Andradre with another good right hand. Back in space, Sexton catches the leg kick, looks for the takedown, but good balance from Andrade. Back into the cage, Andrade throwing smoke, Sexton is busted up. Left hook lands for Sexton. Two minutes down. Outside leg kick for Sexton. Right hook counter for Andrade. Neal Hall stops it momentarily to warn about the fingers and pokes. Restart, Andrade still coming forward throwing serious power. Clinched along the cage, Andrade landing rights. Sexton game though. Left hook for Andrade. Sexton with a right over the top. 90 seconds. Right hook from Andrade. Right hand from Sexton connects clean. Left for Andrade. Clinched, takedown into side control for Andrade. One minute. Sexton with a deep half, Andrade stands, Sexton up. Right hand from Andrade. Sexton still coming forward despite being busted up. Andrade defends, spins out, and comes forward with more power shots, drops her with a right hook. Illegal knee to the head at the end of the frame.

10-9 Andrade: She unloaded early, and busted up Sexton. Will be a question of her conditioning going forward because Sexton is game.

Round 2

Uppercut from Andrade, Sexton counters with a right, and Andrade stings her with another right to buckle her legs. Sexton battles back though, coming forward with a right of her own. Takedown attempt thwarted by Andrade. Inside leg kick with power from Andrade. Right hook lands again for Andrade, and another, Sexton covering up. Andrade swarming. Big knee. More power hooks from Andrade. Sexton pushes off the cage. Left hook lands. Sexton hanging tough, but missing with her strikes here. Left hook lands for Andrade, again. Right hand follows. More power shots along the cage. Uppercut lands. Sexton is battered. Superman punch from Sexton. Right hook lands clean. Two minutes left. Sexton looks out on her feet, too tough for her own good. She’s still coming forward and throwing, but it looks instinctual. Andrade with another right hand, stalking. Left hand for Andrade. Flurry from Sexton, but Andrade avoids. One minute. More hard hooks from Andrade. Body kicks added. Andrade opening up. Knees to the body. 30 seconds. Andrade throwing heavy shots. Sexton shoots for a leg, and gets the takedown. Andrade up at the horn. Sexton is a mess.

10-9 Andrade, 20-18 Andrade: She’s absolutely crushing Sexton here. This fight should be stopped. Sexton is physically OK to continue, but she’s taking a pounding.

Round 3

Inside leg kick from Sexton starts it. She’s game as hell. Right hand lands for Andrade. Left hook hits again. Sexton still coming forward, but it’s slow motion. Right hand, then a left for Andrade. Left hits again. Sexton looks for the takedown, defended. Pressed into the cage. Andrade turns Sexton. Knees to the inner thigh. Sexton trying to circle off. Andrade breaks free and into the center. Hook lands for Andrade. Two minutes down. Right hand lands clean for Sexton. Another one. Reply from Andrade. Left hook for Andrade, and she’s throwing in bunches again, backing Sexton into the cage. Kicks to the body added to the mix now. Andrade in "heavy bag mode" here – hooks and kicks to the body. Sexton pushes off the cage behind hands, but Andrade avoids, turns her into the fence on the other side. Knee to the body. 90 seconds. More hooks from Andrade. Right hand from Sexton. Left hook lands for Andrade. Sexton shoots, Andrade sprawls. One minute. Left hook, uppercut, right hand all land for Andrade. Another right. More strikes land for Andrade. Sexton shoots, sprawl. Sexton still coming forward, Andrade landing more big shots through the horn.

10-9 Andrade, 30-27 overall: this was a one-sided beating.

Official Result: Jessica Andrade defeats Rosi Sexton by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-26).

Analysis: Terrific showing for the young Brazilian here. She showed flashes against Liz Carmouche in Seattle this summer, and looked like a future force in this one. Sexton is game as can be, but Andrade dominated from start to finish in this one. Keep an eye on her going forward.

Andy Ogle (9-2) vs. Cole Miller (19-8)

Round 1

Leon Roberts is your referee for this featherweight fight.

Ogle with a swing and miss to start. Body jab from Ogle, kick from Miller. Right hand for Miller backs up Ogle. Lands again. Into the Thai clinch, knee lands, Ogle pushes him back into the cage. Ogle fighting off the Thai clinch, dropping for a takedown, Miller gets away. Knee from Miller. Knee to the thigh from Ogle, Miller reverses, lands a knee to the body. Judo trip takedown, Ogle losses position off the underhook, and Miller on his back with a body triangle locked in. Halfway point. Heels to the midsection from Miller. Ogle throwing punches over his head, but no power on them. Miller showing patience, digging heels to the body. Miller maintaining control. One minute. Right hand from Miller. Little over the shoulder shots from Ogle. Miller lets go of the body triangle, traps the left arm. 10 seconds. HORN!

10-9 Miller: great control on the ground after Ogle made the tactical mistake early.

Round 2

Ogle comes forward with a left, Miller counters with the right, and then a jab. Uppercut from Miller just misses. Clinched up in the center, Ogle drives him into the cage. Single leg attempt from Ogle, Miller defending. Ogle drops, Miller grabs a guillotine choke, but he’s pressed on the cage. Twists off the cage, but Ogle gets free. Miller with butterflies, Ogle looking to climb over the legs. Closed guard. Lefts to the head from Ogle. Body lock for Miller from the bottom. Heels to the glutes from Miller. Ogle postures, and Miller pushes him off to hit a sweep. Miller throws up the triangle, but can’t complete. Ogle back into his guard, elbows over the top. Ogle postures, MIller sweeps, lands in a beautiful armbar position. One minute. Miller gives up the arm, moves to the back. Traps the left arm.Ogle gets it free. Body triangle from Miller. 30 seconds. Miller searching for the choke, but Ogle defending well. HORN!

10-9 Miller: Ogle pushed the offense early, but the sweeps and sub attempts from Miller win the round on my card.

Round 3

Ogle coming forward hard, lands a left. Body kick follows, plus an inside leg kick. Ogle hunting. Body shot from Ogle. Left hand counter from Miller lands clean. Ogle with two good hooks. Kick from Ogle. Left hook. He’s coming forward well here, good understanding of the situation. Uppercut lands, opens up Miller under the right eye. Ogle searching for the takedown, Miller to his back in full guard. Ogle dropping elbows with Miller along the cage. Two down, three to go. Another albow. Ogle postures up, stacking Miller. Back into guard, Miller tries to stand, Ogle shuts it down. Body triangle from bottom for Miller. Two minutes. Elbow over the top from Ogle. Short punches from top for Ogle, Miller just being defensive thus far. Elbow from Ogle. Miller looking to push off the cage, scooping hips to the side, heels to the thigh from underneath. 45 seconds. Body shots from Ogle. 30 seconds. Right hand from Ogle. MIller scoops out, slick twist back to the top for Ogle. Upkick from Miller at the horn.

10-9 Ogle, but 29-28 Miller overall: Strong final five minutes for "The Little Axe," but Miller should have the first two in the books to get the win. Love Ogle’s heart and grittiness, but just couldn’t do enough against the veteran early.

Official Result: Cole Miller defeats Andy Ogle by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

Analysis: Very good showing for Miller in the opening two rounds – he’s aggressive on the ground, and continues to show improvements in his conditioning at 145 pounds. Love the post-fight rant too, calling out "Colin McGoober" after vanquishing another European opponent.

Jimy Hettes (10-1) vs. Robert Whiteford (10-1)

Round 1

Neal Hall with the assignment here.

Featherweights touch gloves and we’re started.

Right hook from Whiteford to start. Left over the top follows. Leg kick from Hettes, and another left from Whiteford, who looks very calm. Jab lands. Hettes comes forward and gets the clinch. Whiteford turns him on the cage. Whiteford drops for the single, Hettes defending with balance, eats and elbow. Whiteford around to the back, Hettes with the hip toss, landing in judo side control, trapping the arm, setting up an Americana with his legs. Whiteford gets his arm free, Hettes to mount. Whiteford rolls, gets to his knees, Hettes trying to get around to his back, digging for the rear naked choke. Crawling around to the back, fishing the arm. Whiteford defending well. 90 seconds. One hook in for Hettes, now both, right up along the cage. 60 seconds. Body triangle for Hettes. Whiteford fighting the hands. Whiteford breaks out as Hettes lets go of the body triangle, but Hettes drags him right back down to end the round.

10-9 Hettes: terrific grappling from "The Kid" here – the takedown early was slick (and came against a solid judoka) and he controlled the remainder.

Round 2

Jab lands for Whiteford to start. Hettes coming forwrd, Whiteford throwing 1-2s. Left hand for Hettes, looks to duck in, shrugged off. Whiteford grabs for a single, Hettes uses it to slip around to the back on the ensuing scramble. Hooks in, seated along the cage. Hettes to the body triangle. Whiteford to his knees, now turning into Hettes. Whiteford standing up, Hettes looking to lock up the triangle, resets the shin over the ankle. Whiteford looking to defend, but it’s tight. Whiteford goes out, this one is done.

Official Result: Jimy Hettes defeats Robert Whiteford by Submission (Triangle Choke) at 2: 17 of Round 2.

Analysis: Great comeback performance for Hettes, who has been out for a year after his first career loss. He has very good grappling and reminds everyone that he’s an up-and-comer to watch in the featherweight division.

Michael Kuiper (12-2) vs. Brad Scott (8-2)

Round 1

Referee Marc Goddard joining the middleweights in the cage for the opener.

Touch of gloves and we’re underway. Scott with a jab to start, Kuiper looking for leg kicks. Lands one. Jab from Scott. Outside leg kick from each guy. Right hand from Scott. Uppercut from Scott lands, and he comes in behind it, clinching and landing knees. Spins Kuiper into the cage. Kuiper looking for the trip, shut down for now. Knee for Kuiper inside, Scott counters. Kuiper hits the outside trip, now with a front headlock, but Scott right back up. Scott pressing Kuiper into the cage again, knees inside from both men. Halfway through. Kuiper pummels out, gets the Thai clinch, but lets it go. Got shot from Scott along the cage. Two minutes. Knee from Scott. Goddard breaks them off the fence. 90 seconds. Scott coming forward, jab-uppercut combo lands, follows it in, puts Kuiper on the cage. Kuiper tries to explode and slips, Scott grabs a standing front choke, and Kuiper taps.

Official Result: Brad Scott defeats Michael Kuiper by Submission (Front Choke) at 4:17 of Round 1.

Analysis: Very good showing for Scott here, as he controlled the action from start to finish. Excellent job capitalizing on the only real opening of the round, sinking in the front choke off the stumble from the cage.