FIGHT BLOG RECAP: Machida outpoints Mousasi in technical battle

Recap all the action from UFC Fight Night in our fight blog.

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Lyoto Machida was dominant and clearly the better fighter. But did he do enough for a title shot?

The former UFC light heavyweight champion won every round in a unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45, 50-45) victory over Gegard Mousasi on Saturday night at UFC Fight Night in Jaragua do Sul, Brazil. UFC president Dana White said Machida could earn a middleweight title shot if he beat Mousasi. There’s little doubt that he did and in decisive fashion. Yet sometimes technical mastery in five-round decisions don’t always make White — and fans — jump for joy.

Another guy fighting Saturday can also make a claim to be the middleweight No. 1 contender. Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza defeated Francis Carmont by unanimous decision and completely dominated the fight on the ground.

Read up on all the action that transpired in our fight blog recap.

Lyoto Machida (20-4) vs. Gegard Mousasi (34-3-2)

Both guys have ridiculous winning percentages, right? This is such a cool fight that has a lot of potential to be awesome. But it could also turn out to be dull. We’ll see what happens. Obviously, Machida is coming off his 185-pound debut, a head kick knockout of Mark Munoz. This is Mousasi’s first fight at middleweight after beating the immortal Ilir Latifi in his first UFC fight.

The referee for this middleweight bout is Mario Yamasaki.


Long feeling out process. To be expected.

Beautiful body kick by Machida. And some leg kicks.

Mousasi lands a leg kick. Machida counters, but Mousasi evades.

Machida lands a straight left. Mousasi looks slightly frustrated with Machida’s style.

Mousasi wades in and Machida lands a hard left.

10-9 Machida — That was pretty much textbook Machida. He stayed on the outside until he saw an opening and then he landed some punches and kicks. Mousasi wasn’t able to score much. Not a total surprise.


Machida comes right out with a head kick. Didn’t see that coming.

Someone in the crowd just let out a shrill cry. Everyone laughs.

Mousasi got in close and landed.

Machida with a head kick. Mousasi caught it, but it definitely landed and hard. Mousasi seems OK though.

Mousasi doing a good job getting inside.

Another head kick, but Mousasi gets out of the way.

Hard combo by Mousasi. Very nice. Best strikes of the fight for him.

10-9 Machida — Much better round for Mousasi. But Machida’s head kick did a decent amount of damage and he still landed more with more effectiveness. Mousasi seems to be gaining momentum, though. Let’s see if that continues.


Good left by Mousasi. Mousasi grabs a single leg. Machida defends. They’re up against the cage. Mousasi lands a knee.

Machida smashes Mousasi with a left. That looked like it hurt.

Spinning back kick to the gut from Machida. Another head kick! Wow. Mousasi’s chin is ridiculous.

Machida went for another head kick. Mousasi blocked this one. But man, Machida looks good.

Good combination by Mousasi. But Machida comes right back and lands.

Big right by Mousasi. Machida dives for a takedown. Doesn’t get it.

Mousasi lands another right. Machida is dancing. Not to Michael Jackson.

Round over.

10-9 Machida — Again, Mousasi had his moments, but Machida continues to do more damage with kicks, mostly. He throws more of those then he ever did before. Mousasi remains in this fight, though. He’s still dangerous and he has knockout power.


Mousasi catches a Machida kick and takes him down. Machida scrambles to his feet and they’re both back up.

Machida moving in and out, in and out and then lands a trip that sends Mousasi crashing down. Machida is in top position.

Mousasi sweeps. Machida hunting for kimura. That was a pretty sweet transition by Mousasi.

Mousasi on top now. Machida going for an omaplata. Mousasi has Machida’s back now. But Machida tosses him over his head.

Mousasi lands an up kick, but Machida was on the ground! Oh, no.

Yamasaki does not deduct a point. The round ends.

10-9 Machida — Machida is such a technical master. That trip was beautiful. Another round for him. I know some people aren’t liking this fight, but both these guys are technicians. It’s fascinating.


Machida lands a kick. And then a knee and punch combination.

Nasty knee to the body from Machida.

Good jab by Mousasi. That opens up Machida’s nose.

Machida trips Mousasi. Mousasi almost ends up on top, but Machida does instead. Nicely done.

Machida has Mousasi’s back now. Both hooks in. One minute to go.

Machida dives in Mousasi with punches to finish things off. Almost finished it there.

10-9 Machida, 50-45 — I’ve got a shutout for Machida. Maybe the judges will give Mousasi one round, but I doubt it. Machida was class the whole way through. Technical clinic on the ground and standing up.

Official result: Lyoto Machida defeats Gegard Mousasi by unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45, 50-45)

Analysis: Machida didn’t get a knockout or submission. It wasn’t an impressive finish. But it was a dominant decision and he looked pretty awesome. He should probably get the next title shot against the Chris Weidman-Vitor Belfort winner. Mousasi is still right there at middleweight, too. He was in this fight and a few times could have turned it around.

Ronaldo Souza (19-3, 1 NC) vs. Francis Carmont (22-7)

Souza has been absolutely scary lately, winning five in a row, including a complete destruction of Yushin Okami in his last night. Carmont has won six in a row and is more of a grinder. Expect him to try to make this one boring. That’s his only path to victory against Souza.

The referee for this middleweight bout is Keith Peterson.


Souza hurts Carmont with a right hand to the ear. He takes Carmont’s back on the ground.

Dude, this guy is good.

Carmont trying to stand up with Jacare on his back. He doesn’t. Jacare still has back control.

Carmont is fresh and strong, so it might be hard to choke him out from this position.

Whoops, maybe not. Jacare has the arm under the chin. Can he connect the other hand? Nope. Wow. Good defense by Carmont.

Carmont throws some punches from behind his head and lands a few. He spins to get into Jacare’s guard as the round ends.

10-9 Souza — Total domination from the bell for Jacare. He’s a bad dude. He had Carmont’s back for essentially the full five minutes. Could even be 10-8.


Souza lands a right and immediately changes levels to a takedown attempt. Doesn’t get it.

Jacare is stalking Carmont. Spinning back kick. Blocked.

Carmont ducks under a punch and goes for a takedown. Up against the cage.

Carmont lands a right and Jacare slips. He’s OK.

Jacare lands a right hook. Then he goes for a takedown attempt. Carmont isn’t going to let him get it.

Good combo by Carmont. Jacare counters.

Jacare just missed a head kick. Carmont fires back with punches.

Souza going for another takedown against the cage. Not working.

10-9 Carmont — Did he do much damage? No, but Carmont kept the fight standing and landed some solid strikes. He’ll have to follow a similar formula in the third round. He doesn’t want to be on the ground with Souza.


Souza giving chase again. Carmont doing a good job defensively.

Jacare gets a takedown. That’s huge. In back control. Pounding away.

Carmont is in a lot of trouble. Still more than three minutes left in the round.

Switching to mount. Souza is looking for something. He’s transitioning. Now looking for the rear naked choke again.

Souza totally baited Carmont and got the hooks in again. In back control once again.

Jacare has his arm under his chin again. Same situation as the first round. And again, Souza cannot get the choke. Carmont has done a good job defending. But he can’t get up.

Rear naked choke attempt again. He won’t get it, but that’s the end of the round.

Carmont raises his hands like he won. Sorry, bud. You did not.

10-9 Souza, 29-28 Souza — You just don’t want to be on the ground with Jacare. Carmont was just fine striking with Souza, but once that takedown happened in the third round, it was basically over.

Official result: Ronaldo Souza defeats Francis Carmont by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Analysis: Souza would give anyone in the world at 185 a whole lot of difficulty. He might not get the next title shot, but he should be right there. Carmont is a tough dude and Jacare dominated him on the ground, making it look easy. Carmont will bounce back — he’s still near the top five in the middleweight division.

Erick Silva (15-4, 1 NC) vs. Takenori Sato (17-8-7)

Silva has not quite lived up to his early hype, but he’s lost to Jon Fitch and Dong Hyun Kim. It could be worse. This is a gigantic fight for him, because, at 29, he’s really no longer a prospect. Sato has not lost in his last 10 fights, a streak dating back to 2010. He’s finished his last two bouts by submission.

The referee for this welterweight fight is ?


Sato goes for a takedown. And he might regret it. Silva is absolutely teeing off.

He started with throwing a heel kick at the top of the head and then he destroys him with punches. It’s over! TKO.

Official result: Erick Silva defeats Takenori Sato via knockout at 0:52 of the first round

Analysis: Well, I guess Silva is back. Huge performance for him here and he needed it after losing two of his last three fights. Sato is not a huge name and nowhere near the top 15, but this he wrecked him and that’s what he needed to do. Silva isn’t a prospect anymore, but that doesn’t mean he can’t make waves at 170 and become a contender at some point. He’s super explosive with big-time power.

Nico Musoke (11-2, 1 NC) vs. Viscardi Andrade (17-6)

Musoke, a Sweden product, is undefeated in his last seven fights and 1-0 in the UFC. Andrade has won seven in a row, including steamrolling Bristol Marunde in his UFC debut.

The referee for this welterweight bout is Keith Peterson.


Musoke looks pretty massive for 170.

Andrade gets a takedown. Nicely done. He’s on top and landing some left hands. Musoke’s head is against the cage, limiting his movement.

Musoke trying to get up and he does. They’re both standing.

Andrade lands a massive overhand right, Musoke goes down and Andrade celebrates like he won! Musoke wasn’t out. Peterson tells Andrade to keep fighting. Wow.

Andrade on top. Musoke is OK. He’s looking for a triangle. Andrade dropping some ground and pound.

Andrade really could have won this fight. He’s letting Musoke back in it.

Musoke lands a combination. And a knee too.

Musoke is the aggressor. Andrade fires back with a big right.

10-9 Andrade — Andrade crushed Musoke with that overhand right, but decided to celebrate instead of going for the finish. Shades of WWE there. Musoke looked good toward the end of the round. The lapse in judgment could really end up costing Andrade.


Musoke pushes Andrade against the cage. Goes for a takedown. Andrade defending well.

Musoke lands a knee to the face.

The two separate.

Musoke lands a head kick. Andrade might be hurt. Musoke lands some punches. Up against the cage. Musoke takes Andrade down.

Musoke working from the top. Landing some ground and pound. Andrade throwing blow from the bottom. Musoke landing hammer fists.

Elbows now from Musoke. Big elbows! Musoke is roughing Andrade up after almost being knocked unconscious.

That’s how the round ends.

10-9 Musoke — Big comeback by Musoke. He had almost the entirety of the offense in this round. Nasty ground and pound after the big takedown. Before that, he was winning the striking battle, too.


Musoke wants this to go to the ground again. He probably doesn’t want to feel Andrade’s power and he knows Andrade is tired.

Musoke has him pressed against the cage and takes him down. He’s got Andrade’s back on the ground. Wow.

Andrade looks tired. He’s also a BJJ stud, so Musoke should be careful.

Musoke is content to hold this position with a minute left. And why not? It’s a sound, if not exciting, strategy.

And the fight is over.

10-9 Musoke — Huge comeback by Musoke, even though the third round was awful to watch. He did what he had to do to win. So props to him.

Official result: Nico Musoke defeats Viscard Andrade by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Analysis: That’s a heartbreaker and a head scratcher for Andrade. The fight was basically academic if he just jumped on Musoke after the first-round knock down. Instead, Andrade thought he had already won and he decided to celebrate like it was a walk off. Bad choice. Musoke, as it turns out, is the more technical, well-rounded fighter. And at 27 with his athleticism he could do some damage at 170. Andrade is pretty solid, too. He’ll be fine.

Charles Oliveira (16-4, 1 NC) vs. Andy Ogle (9-3)

Oliveira is just 24 and he’s still a prospect even though it seems like he’s been in the UFC forever. Ogle has lost two of three, but he’s just 24, too. Interesting fight in the featherweight division.

Your referee is Mario Yamasaki.


Alright, these guys want to fight.

Oliveira lands a takedown. He’s good good on the ground. Very dangerous.

Oliveira in mount already. Just like that. Awesome job maintaining is position.

Ogle is getting up with Oliveira on his back. Oliveira seeking the choke. He sneaks in an elbow and then another.

Oliveira has the body triangle locked in. Ogle is still defending. Oliveira maybe looking for a neck crank?

Ogle tries to slam Oliveira down backward. That doesn’t work. Oliveira still has his back.

Oliveira isn’t going anywhere. Ogle is defending hard, but he can’t get Oliveira off him. This has to be frustrating.

Ogle might get out of this. Nope. Oliveira rolls and has the body lock with his legs back on.

That’s how the round ends.

10-9 Oliveira — Could that be a 10-8? I don’t think Oliveira did enough damage to warrant that, but he certainly completely dominated the entire round. He had Ogle’s back almost the entire time.


Oliveira looking for that takedown again and gets it. But Ogle turns it around and gets on top.

Oliveira gets up and takes Ogle down. Ogle trying to scoot over to the cage and does. Good knee from Oliveira as Ogle gets up.

Oliveira slaps on a d’Arce choke. Ogle out. No, he’s not. Oliveira still has a hold of the neck. Ogle scrambles and he tries to get a choke! Nope.

Ogle slams Oliveira down. Ogle on top in Oliveira’s guard. Both men trading elbows.

Oliveira up and has Ogle’s back. He lands a big knee to the head. Ogle falls over and Oliveira has his back. That’s how the round ends.

10-9 Oliveira — Really fun round. Ogle has shown some guts. Some guys would have gotten frustrated having a dude draped all over them for two straight rounds. Ogle held his own in this one, just didn’t do enough to win the round.


Oliveira drops Ogle. Almost has a rear naked. Then goes for a triangle choke. But Ogle is back up.

Oliveira tries a guillotine and pull guard. Ogle slams him down and breaks out of the submission.

Oliveira is bloodied after some ground and pound. Or maybe it’s Ogle. There’s blood on both men.

Ogle ends up on top after a failed Oliveira throw attempt.

Oliveira goes for a triangle choke and he’s got it! Ogle taps.

Official result: Charles Oliveira defeats Andy Ogle via submission (triangle choke) at 2:40 of the third round

Analysis: Oliveira is one of the more aggressive submission guys in the UFC. He’s not just good at Brazilian jiu-jitsu, he really goes for it. He looks for the tap like brawlers look for a knockout. Fun to watch. Ogle had a lot of heart and survived for more than two rounds, but Oliveira was just too skilled. At 24, Oliveira has a very bright future at 145. Look for him to get into title contention at some point.

Joe Proctor (8-2) vs. Cristian Marcello (13-5)

Proctor hasn’t fought since 2012 after shoulder surgery. Both these guys were contestants on The Ultimate Fighter Live.

The referee for this lightweight bout is Osiris de Medeiros.


Marcello looks for a takedown and Proctor hunts for a guillotine. Nothing doing.

Marcello pushes him up against the cage. Marcello has him down. Proctor looking for a submission from the bottom.

Proctor still on his back. Marcello working from dominant position. Good right hand from the top. He dives on a leg lock. Proctor is in pain. But he slips out.

Kenny Florian described it as a foot lock. Looked deep.

Proctor grabs a guillotine and he’s really pulling on it. Damn. Marcello slips out. Pretty crazy.

10-9 Marcello — Good first round. Marcello almost ended it with a foot lock. Proctor had a guillotine pretty deep. Marcello had top position for awhile, so he gets the nod on the scorecard.


Nothing happening in this round. Pretty uneventful.

Knee by Marcello in a clinch against the cage.

Proctor lands some hard punches and hurts Marcello. Goes for another guillotine, but it doesn’t work.

Both guys are tired and this one is getting sloppy.

Proctor landing some more punches.

10-9 Proctor — Both guys are exhausted. They’re lightweights. Keep that in mind. Proctor rocked Marcello a couple of times. Marcello looks super tired.


Proctor puts Marcello on kelly legs with a right hand.

Marcello coming back with some combinations. Showing life.

The crowd is booing mercilessly. They don’t have the option of turning on the slam dunk contest. I do. And I want to.

Proctor catches Marcello’s kick and Marcello falls down. This qualifies as a round highlight.

How has Proctor not been able to finish this? Marcello is hurt badly.

Proctor rocks Marcello again. He goes for a takedown. Sprawl by Proctor.

Can we get a finish here? Can we?

Proctor hits Marcello with another hard right. And then a combination. Marcello isn’t going anywhere.

Marcello still fighting back. Wow.

10-9 Proctor, 29-28 Proctor — OK, that fight wasn’t any good. Credit Marcello for being super tough and having a good chin. Don’t give Proctor any credit for not being able to finish a dude who was wobbling all over the Octagon.

Official result: Joe Proctor defeats Cristiano Marcell by unanimous decision

Analysis: Good for Proctor to come back after that extremely long layoff and win the fight. His right hand could be formidable in the future, but he has to have a better killer instinct. Maybe he just didn’t want to injure his friend Marcello. Either way, that’s another entire prelim card without a finish. This is not good.

Rodrigo Damm (11-6) vs. Ivan Jorge (25-3)

Jorge has won seven in a row. He’s 33, but still sort of a prospect. Damm is 2-1 in the UFC, but a journeyman for the most part.

Mario Yamasaki is the referee for this featherweight fight.


Damm lands a nice left. Backs Jorge up a bit.

Jorge comes forward and lands a combo.

Jorge being very aggressive here, pressing forward and landing.

Jorge goes for a head kick, but Damm counters with a combination. Both guys are throwing with bad intentions.

Jorge lands and goes for a takedown. Damm shrugs it off.

Two hard punches land from Jorge. Round over.

10-9 Jorge — He’s a little reckless, but he’s landing a whole lot. With power. Problem is, Damm has an steel chin. Jorge has to try not to gas.


Jorge with a head kick, but it glances off Damm’s shoulder.

Jorge gets poked in the eye. Doesn’t look too good. Yamasaki halts the action.

Back to the action and now Damm gets poked. Ugh.

Damm catches Jorge with a left. Both guys are swinging,

Knee by Jorge from a Thai clinch. Ouch. But Damm brushes it off.

Jorge stuffs a takedown, but Damm lands a hard right.

Jorge hunting for combinations.

Damm lands some stiff punches. Jorge might be slightly hurt.

10-9 Damm — This fight is not good. Lots of sloppy kickboxing. Damm got the better of these exchanges. He landed the harder punches. Did I mention this fight isn’t any good?


Damm catches Jorge’s kick. Damm takes him down. He gets Jorge in a crucifix position. Jorge is out

Finally some grappling between two great grapplers.

Jorge has a d’Arce choke. It looks good. Damm hanging in. He might not have it. Damm is out.

That kind of stuff is what we should have been seeing all fight.

Damm lands a lunch. Jorge coming on. Getting sloppy.

Both guys swinging wildly. All of a sudden, this got good.

Jorge landing big. Jorge looking for a takedown. Damm grabs a kimura. He rolls with it. Now looking for an armbar.

Damm is cut on the side of his head. Jorge pushing him up against the cage. Now they separate.

Some sloppy stuff. Damm comes back with some punches. Jorge got kicked low! Lord. Now?

Back to the action. Damm stops a takedown. Damm with some hard punches. Jorge looking for a takedown again.

This is going to be tough to score. Jorge is bloodied now.

Jorge smashes Damm after a takedown attempt.

10-9 Damm, 29-28 Damm — Super, super close. Damm seemed to land the harder punches and do more damage in the third round. But Jorge did have a tight submission and also landed bombs. Tough one to call. Let’s see what the judges say.

Official result: Rodrigo Damm defeats Ivan Jorge by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Analysis: Can we like get a finish tonight? What is going on? UFC 169 and now this. Damm and Jorge are great Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighters. They’re not good at kickboxing. It would have been cool to see them grapple a little more. Jorge, in my opinion, still has a brighter future despite the results tonight, in my opinion.

Jesse Ronson (13-3) vs. Francisco Trinaldo (13-3)

Trinaldo is coming off a loss against Piotr Hallman, a fight he was winning until getting caught by a kimura. Ronson lost his UFC debut back in September. Both men are strong strikers. This could be fun.

Keith Peterson is the referee for this lightweight fight.


Trinaldo lands a nice combination. Ronson is wobbled.

Trinaldo nails a nice left. He’s landing hard. Ronson is hanging in. Good chin.

Trinaldo has Ronson in a Thai clinch. Knees to the body. Ronson pushes him up against the cage, looking for a takedown. Trinaldo defends it.

Good left by Trinaldo and a nasty uppercut. Thai clinch again. Not much there.

Nice leg kick by Trinaldo. Ronson with a good combination.

Trinaldo misses a wheel kick. Woo.

Trinaldo with another beautiful combination.

10-9 Trinaldo — Trinaldo absolutely lit up Ronson with boxing. Ronson has a tremendous chin otherwise he’d still be on the mat right now.


Trinaldo tries a head kick and lands, but not flush.

Ronson lands a combination, but not with the power that Trinaldo has.

Ronson sticks an elbow in Trinaldo’s face during a clinch.

Ronson is definitely starting to get his rhythm now. The fight could be turning right here.

Good right hook by Trinaldo with Ronson coming in. Trinaldo goes for a takedown — weird. Stuffed by Ronson.

Spinning kick by Ronson and it lands. Trinaldo is slightly wobbled. But he’s OK.

Trinaldo pushes Ronson against the cage. Looking for some knees. Ronson lands some knees.

Trinaldo lands a trip and the round ends.

10-9 Ronson — Ronson found his striking rhythm and Trinaldo might have gotten a little tired. Trinaldo wasn’t nearly as aggressive and Ronson appeared to land more.

Ronson jumps in and lands a right. And does it again.

Trinaldo just does not look like the same guy. He doesn’t appear to be that tired, but he hasn’t pushed ahead at all since the first round.

Good left by Trinaldo.

Ronson goes for a big overhand left, but misses. Then he lands a combination.

Trinaldo goes for a trip and takes Ronson’s back. Knees to the body from Trinaldo. Knees to the thighs.

Trinaldo pushes him against the cage. Now they’re separated.

Trinaldo working for a takedown again and he gets it. Time running out. That’s it.

10-9 Trinaldo, 29-28 Trinaldo — Who knew that grappling would be the deciding factor in this fight? Trinaldo landed some vicious knees in the clinch and also landed a takedown. Ronson looked good late in the third, but Trinaldo pulled it out.

Official result: Francisco Trinaldo defeats Jesse Ronson by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 30-27)

Analysis: Trinaldo might have been pacing himself a bit, perhaps because he’s known for gassing out. The strategy worked, because he was able to do more in the third round. He’s exciting and a great striker. He has some entertaining fights ahead of him at 155.

Wilson Reis (17-4) vs. Iuri Alcantara (28-5, 1 NC)

I’ve always liked Alcantara. No idea why. But I believe he’s underrated. He’s a lanky bantamweight with good submissions and decent stand up. Reis has won five in a row and has looked like a force since entering the UFC. This is a fairly pivotal fight in the division.

Osiris de Medeiros is the referee for this bantamweight bout.


Reis lands a punch and takes Alcantara down. But Alcantara ends up on top after a scramble.

He’s in half guard. Reis sweeps and goes for a takedown himself. No dice.

Alcantara uses his size and strength to get into mount after a takedown attempt. But Reis sweeps and now he’s on top. Seriously slick grappling here.

Alcantara drops Reis and gets on top. Reis is up.

Both guys landing punches now. Alcantara getting the better of the exchanges though.

Reis catches a knee and takes Alcantara down. Both men are up and Alcantara gets the back and lands a takedown.

10-9 Alcantara — Lots of takedowns and grappling. But Alcantara dropped Reis with a punch and did more damage overall. Close, though.


Alcantara crushes Reis with a left. Right in the ear and he goes down.

Reis is durable though. He’s back up. And now they’re on the ground and on top. In full mount! Crap, what a recovery. Reis looked like he was out for a second.

Reis raining down some blows from the top. This is a guy you don’t want mounting you. There still more than three minutes left in the round.

More ground and pound from Reis. Wow. Alcantara uses the cage to sweep! Can’t do that in a BJJ match.

Alcantara now in guard. Reis looking for a submission. This is some pretty sick grappling.

Alcantara drops some punches and hammer fists on Reis. They’re back up and Reis wrestles him back down to the ground. Smart for Reis, because he has not gotten the best of the stand-up exchanges.

Reis landing some punches from the top. That’s how the fight ends.

10-9 Reis — Yes, Reis got rocked and dropped early in the round, but he completely dominated the grappling exchanges, staying in dominant position for most of the round and also challenging for submissions. Good fight here.


Alcantara landing some hard punches in the stand up. This is where he needs to keep it. He’s clearly the better, more powerful striker. Also has the longer reach.

Reis, predictably, gets in tight and pushes Alcantara against the cage. Reis has him down. Wow.

Reis on top. Not doing damage, but in control.

Alcantara has to do something here or he’s going to lose this fight.

Alcantara is up, but Reis has him in a body lock against the cage.

Beautiful trip by Alcantars and he’s raining down blows. Big ground and pound! Hammering Reis now as time runs out.

Wow. How do you score that round?

10-9 Alcantara, 29-28 — Reis had control most of the round, but Alcantara’s striking advantage early and ground and pound late were the difference. That should earn him the round and the fight.

Official result: Iuri Alcantara defeats Wilson Reis by unanimous decision (28-29, 30-27, 30-27)

Analysis: Very close fight. Alcantara is the more well-rounded fighter, but Reis was able to outwrestle and eventually out grapple him. Alcantara did just enough in the third round to win, though. Neither guy is going to win a title at any point and both are on the wrong side of 30. So take that for what it’s worth.

Felipe Arantes (15-5-1) vs. Maximo Blanco (9-5-1, 1 NC)

This one should be interesting. Blanco has lost two of three in the UFC and could use a victory here. Arantes is coming off a loss. This is a fight that has little meaning, but both guys usually bring it.


Mario Yamasaki is the referee for this featherweight bout.


Blanco moves forward and is just all up in Arantes’ grill.

Arantes is rocking the faux hawk. That’s so 2012, bro.

Blanco lands some beautiful combinations and then takes Arantes down.

My Fight Pass just switched back to the first fight. Bizarre stuff.

OK, we’re back to real time. Blanco is way too casual. He might end up getting caught.

Blanco is staying aggressive. Working Arantes over on the cage.

Arantes is producing some offense and you can tell because the crowd goes crazy every time he throw something.

Arantes with a flying knee to the body and a right hand that drops Blanco. Blanco is in big trouble. Arantes is on top of him raining down blows.

Arantes goes for a triangle, then an armbar and comes up empty. That was good stuff.

10-9 Arantes — That late flurry was enough. Arantes almost finished things at the end and that gives him the edge.


Blanco trips Arantes with a leg kick ad jumps into guard.

Blanco with two huge slams to get out of a triangle. Damn. That was crazy. Nearly Rampage style.

Arantes pushes Blanco against the cage, looking for a takedown.

Blanco is frustrating. He has moments of brilliance, but sometimes lacks in the fundamentals and it costs him.

And now I’m watching de Andrade-Tukhugov again. Fight Pass is on the fritz on my Samsung Smart TV.

We’re back to live action and Blanco is on top in guard. Yamasaki stands them up.

10-9 Blanco — I guess. I wasn’t able to see most of the round because of Fight Pass issues. It seemed like Blanco did more during the action I watched.


Blanco goes for a single leg and it wasn’t good. Arantes almost took his back.

Blanco lands a hard kick to the groin. Ouch. Arantes is in pain.

And he’s still down. This would be a great time for me to eat the Chinese food that’s been sitting on my kitchen counter.

Fight Pass has switched back to de Andrade-Tukhugov once again. Nice of them since Arantes is down.

OK, back to live action. I’m getting dizzy.

Yamasaki took a point away from Blanco. That’s odd. It was the first one and looked to be unintentional.

Blanco with a takedown. Arantes going for an armbar from the bottom. Cannot get it.

Both men back up. Arantes going for a takedown and has it against the cage.

Blanco gets up, but Arantes still has him against the cage. Blanco might be fishing for a submission, but he’s not going to get it.

Yamasaki separates them.

Arantes presses forward and gets Blanco against the cage again. Grinding away at him. Looking for the takedown. It’s not fun to watch, but he has this fight in the bag because of the point deduction.

10-8 Arantes, 29-27 Arantes — Such a weird fight. The first round was a lot of fun and Blanco had some nice moments in the second round. But a flurry in the first round and that groin kick are going to be the deciding factor for Arantes.

Official result: Felipe Arantes defeats Maximo Blanco by unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27)

Analysis: The Brazilian crowd likes this decision. Arantes is probably the better all around fighter, but Blanco can be fun to watch at times. It’s hard to see either one of these guys cracking into the top 15 at 145 any time soon. But hey, I’d definitely watch their fights without a problem.

Ildemar Alcantara (19-6) vs. Albert Tumenov (12-1)

Jon Anik’s pronunciation of "Jaragua" is sublime.

In keeping with the Brazil vs. Russia theme, here we are. Alcantara is 2-1 in the UFC, but coming off a loss to Igor Araujo. Tumenov is making his UFC debut. He’s just 22 and has eight knockouts in 12 career wins. Not too shabby.


Keith Peterson is the referee for this welterweight bout.

Fight Pass craps out at the beginning of the first round. Nice. But we seem to be OK now.

Alcantara with a nice combination against the boxer.

Tumenov lands a left that drops the Brazilian.

Alcantara gets back up and slams Tumenov down. Tumenov sweeps and he’s on top in guard. Tumenov is bleeding.

Huge elbow from Tumenov. nasty ground and pound. Alcantara is being pretty loose from the bottom. He’s getting smashed. Goodness.

Tumenov is lighting this dude up. Punches, elbows. With authority, too. Alcantara looks OK, which is weird. Because he’s getting whooped.

Alcantara’s head bouncing off the canvas. Hey man. You might want to think about trying to get up.

Alcantara actually uses some Brazilian jiu-jitsu and gets up to his feet. Smart idea.

Tumenov’s left eye is messed up from that first exchange. Alcantara takes him down and now he’s on top.

And there goes my Fight Pass again.

Alcantara lands punches and gets into side control as the round ends.

That was a great five minutes.

10-9 Tumenov — That ground and pound was absolutely brutal and nothing Alcantara did after that made up for it. It would have been a 10-8 round if Alcantara didnt land that takedown.


Tumenov swinging for the fences and landing. I’m convinced Alcantara is a robot. He doesn’t look fazed.

Alcantara lands a takedown and gets into half guard. He’s just going to chill here. I don’t blame him.

Alcantara takes the back. Tumenov could be in trouble here. Now he’s got mount. Well, not anymore. Tumenov slides out. And they’re both back up.

Alcantara has Tumenov against the cage. And he still does. Peterson separates them.

Alcantara changes levels and takes him down with a body lock. Not super technical, but effective. Tumenov’s face looks awful. Alcantara into half guard and now he’s grinding the Russian’s mug with some short elbows.

Big elbow from Alcantara. Tumenov is pouring blood. It’s still mostly from the first round. But that cut is juicing again. That’s how the round ends.

10-9 Alcantara — Two big takedowns and some nice ground and pound. Alcantara has stolen the momentum in this fight and is dominating on the ground. Tumenov’s face is a wreck.


Good body kick by Alcantara. Tumenov needs to be a little less aggressive here. He can’t let Alcantara land another takedown.

Crowd really getting behind Alcantara.

Tumenov lands a right hand flush. Alcantara eats it. He’s fine. Dude has an iron chin.

Halfway through the third round and no takedown attempt by Alcantara. Why?

Both guys look pretty tired. This fight is still completely up for grabs.

Alcantara using his reach well enough. Jabs and straight rights are working.

Tumenov stuffs a takedown. He just can’t get inside Alcantara’s reach. The boxer is getting picked apart here.

10-9 Alcantara, 29-28 Alcantara — Tumenov is a boxer, but it was Alcantara’s boxing and reached that won him the third round and the fight. Tumenov absolutely throttled Alcantara in the first round, but Alcantara got the takedown in the second and landed some serious ground and pound. The third round stayed standing with Alcantara getting the best of things.

Official result: Ildemar Alcantara defeats Albert Tumenov by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Analysis: Nothing Alcantara does is pretty. But he’s durable as hell and smart. You can go a long way in the UFC on those principles. Tumenov is obviously a powerful boxer and a good athlete. He’ll go back to the drawing board and be fine in the UFC. Maybe a trip down to 155 would benefit him. He’s not a big man at 170.

Douglas Silva de Andrade (22-0) vs. Zubaira Tukhugov (15-3)

Both of these featherweights are making their UFC debut. Silva de Andrade, 28, is a stud prospect out of Brazil who has yet to taste defeat in MMA. He has finished all but three of his pro fights. Tukhugov is a 23-year-old Russian who is not as highly touted, but as we know, it isn’t wise to count out Russian fighters.

The referee for this bout is Osiris de Medeiros


Tukhugov covered his ears as he was walking in. I guess he didn’t want to hear the Brazilian fans chanting in Portuguese, "You will die!" Tukhugov fights out of Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand. Roger Huerta — remember that guy? — is one of his coaches.

Brazil loves Bruce Buffer.

No action in the first minute, then de Andrade lands a leg kick and the crowd reacts like Anderson Silva just knocked someone out.

Tukhugov catches a kick and takes de Andrade down. He does not stay down there for long. But good idea by Tukhugov.

Tukhugov throws a hard spinning back fist, but de Andrade blocks it.

De Andrade’s lip or nose is busted. So is his forehead, right between his eyes. De Medeiros stops the action to have the doctor check out the latter cut.

Tukhugov lands a takedown and some ground and pound. Double leg was pretty technical. The crowd boos as the Russian lands more punches from the top.

De Andrade looks rattled.

10-9 Tukhugov — De Andrade is the more highly touted prospect, but Tukhugov is no joke. He’s outclassing the Brazilian right now — on the feet and the ground. De Andrade is bleeding from two separate cuts and looked wobbly toward the end of the round.


Tukhugov lands a left kick to the body. It halts de Andrade’s advance.

There’s some offense by the Brazilian. A combination into a clinch. Lands some punches.

I’m liking Tuhugov’s shorts. Looks like the Bengals logo. That probably won’t fly when the UFC has a uniform soon.

Tukhugov loves throwing spinning s***. He doesn’t land it very often though.

De Andrade goes for a spinning kick, but Tukhugov grabs him and pushes him into the cage.

De Andrade slips away. They’re back in the center of the Octagon.

Tukhugov throws a spinning back fist and de Andrade’s punch lands during the spin. Doesn’t look like it did too much damage.

10-9 Tukhugov — De Andrade looked better, but Tukhugov was strong at the beginning of the round and did more damage throughout. Very close round, though.


Side kick by Tukhugov. The crowd really hasn’t gotten into this one, but you can tell they really, really want to. That’s de Andrade’s fault.

Tukhugov is still controlling the center of the cage. Wicked body shot, but de Andrade counters with a hard left to the jaw. Tukhugov looked hurt for a second after he blocked a head kick.

Another spinning kick missed by Tukhugov. He might want to put those away. His boxing and footwork have been pretty strong.

De Andrade is winging punches and Tukhugov is slipping them and landing straight blows. He’s much more technical. And de Andrade is looking pretty tired.

Good combination by the Russian. De Andrade stuffs a takedown. Let’s see if he can use that to build some momentum with a minute left.

Tukhugov goes for another takedown, but de Andrade again is slippery and gets out of it.

Time for de Andrade to go for broke. He’s exhausted. Crowd is trying to egg him on. He must not hear them, because he didn’t do much. Fight over.

10-9 Tukhugov, 30-27 Tukhugov — Another round of pretty much the same thing. Tukhugov is a more technical boxer and mixes in takedowns. De Andrade has some nice kicks, but his punching is wild. Tukhugov won every round in my opinion.

Official result: Zubaira Tukhugov defeats Douglas Silva de Andrade by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

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Ronaldo Souza vs. Francis Carmont

Erick Silva vs. Takenori Sato

Viscardi Andrade vs. Nico Musoke

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Cristiano Marcello vs. Joe Proctor

Rodrigo Damm vs. Ivan Jorge

Francisco Trinaldo vs. Jesse Ronson

Iuri Alcantara vs. Wilson Reis

Felipe Arantes vs. Maximo Blanco

Ildemar Alcantara vs. Albert Tumenov

Douglas Silva de Andrade vs. Zubaira Tukhugov