Fight Blog Recap: Anthony Johnson stops Alexander Gustafsson in one

Anthony "Rumble" Johnson battered Alexander Gustafsson to earn a UFC title shot, Saturday.

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Anthony "Rumble" Johnson crushed Alexander Gustafsson’s title rematch dreams Saturday night in Stockholm, by stopping "The Mauler" inside of one, with strikes. In the co-main event, Gegard Mousasi knocked Dan Henderson out cold to earn the biggest win of his career, and before that, Ryan Bader won a decision over Phil Davis.

Read on below for play-by-play accounts of all the FOX UFC Fight Night action!

Alexander Gustafsson (16-2) vs. Anthony Johnson (18-4) Round 1

Johnson stalking Gustafsson, and getting off first with punches. Nothing lands flush but Johnson clips Gustafsson. They trade leg kicks.

Gustafsson pokes Johnson in the eye, and the action stops. Johnson drops Gustafsson with a punch after the action starts again!

Gustafsson lands his own uppercut but Johnson hurts him again, and drops him again!

Gustafsson is on all fours and eating shots! Punch after punch from Johnson and the ref steps in and calls a halt to the fight, quite late.

Official Decision:

Anthony "Rumble" Johnson wins via TKO at 2:15 of the first round.

Dan Henderson (30-12) vs. Gegard Mousasi (35-5-2) Round 1

Hendo doing Hendo – stalking and winging big punches. They miss.

Mousasi clips him on the top of the head as Henderson charges in and drops him. Mousasi rushes Henderson with more punches.

Henderson’s legs go stiff as he eats another punch, and his arms are at his sides, as he goes out with his back against the cage. The ref steps in and stops the fight.

Afterwards, Henderson comes to and protests the call. Good stoppage. 

This is starting to be an uncomfortable common result for the all-time great. 

Official Decision:

Gegard Mousasi wins via TKO at 1:10 of the first round.


Phil Davis (13-2) vs. Ryan Bader (19-4) Round 1


Lots of circling to start this round. Davis letting Bader inside but dodging his overhand punches.


Davis landing with some leg kicks from the outside. Bader swings and misses more. 


Davis swings with punches and misses as well. More circling.


End of the round.


Round 2


This round they go right into the clinch as Bader looks for a takedown. Davis defends but Bader hits him with an elbow to the head on separation.


Davis lands another body kick. Bader storms forward and lands a left punch to the head.


Bader throws a kick to the body, Davis shoots in for a takedown but Bader sprawls and defends again. Davis lands knees to the body from the clinch.

Bader drops fora  takedown, Davis defends and then getse his own takedown, against the cage, with a minute and a half left.

Davis gets behind Bader, but the Arizona State wrestler stands up. Davis presses Bader against the cage, and lands a knee to the body, and another to the leg.

Davis with a left underhook and good head position, controlling the clinch in the last moments of the round.

Round 3

The two wrestlers touch gloves to star the final round. Bader lands a kick to the body and Davis tries to change levels and shoot for another takedown but doesn’t get it.

A nice overhand right to the head of Davis. The Penn State wrestler shoots in on Bader but gets stuffed.

Another shot, another sprawl defense from Bader. Davis’ right eye is swelling.

Minute and a half left in the fight. Bader lands a left jab. 

Davis with a one-two punch combo that he finishes with a leg kick! Another leg kick from Davis buckles Bader!

Body kick lands for Davis. Bader blocks a high kick.

Davis dhoots in but Bader reverses and gets a takedown. Davis is up, but Bader suplexes him to the mat!

Davis gets on top of Bader at the horn!

Official Decision:

Ryan Bader wins a split decision with scores of 29-28 (twice), and 28-29.

Akira Corassani (14-6-1) vs. Sam Sicilia (13-5) Round 1

Corassani strikes first but Sicilia stays in his grill, stalking and winging punches. Sicilia lands a big right hand.

Sicilia lands an uppercut and then an overhand right that knocks Corassani down and out!

Official Decision:

Sicilia wins by KO at 3:26 of the first round.

Nico Musoke (13-3) vs. Albert Tumenov (14-2)

Tumenov grabs a kick from Musoke but eats a straight punch for the trouble. Musoke lands a body kick. 

Musoke lands two more body kicks, and is really finding a home for them. Tumenov hanging tough and staying in Musoke’s face, looking to counter the kicks, as the round ends. 

Round 2

Tumenov scores early with his jab. Musoke lands a right body kick but eats a counter right hand.

Tumenov sticking the lead jab some more, and follows up with a left hook and right cross that are mostly blocked by the Swede. Musoke lands another body kick, but once more Tumenov counters with a right hand that glances the head.

Tumenov lands a one-two to the head that snaps Musoke’s dome back. Both men are starting to bleed from their faces in this slug fest.

Tumenov catches another body kick, Musoke tries to trap him in a Thai plum clinch but Tumenov punches his way out. Tumenov goes for a one-two punch combo that he ends with a switch left high kick!

Another nice jab from Tumenov and Musoke goes for a takedown. Tumenov hits a switch on him and they both stand back up and separate. 

Round 3

Musoke goes for two takedowns, off the bat, but gets both attempts stuffed. Another nice jab from Tumenov, to the head. 

Musoke trips Tumenov, but the Russian gets right back to his feet. A nice straight right from Musoke, and then another jab from Tumenov.

Musoke shoots in and presses Tumenov against the fence in another takedown attempt but the visiting fighter defends. Before long, Musoke shoots in again, pressing Tumenov against the cage, but the Russian once more shows amazing hips and defends the takedown.

Musoke’s mouth piece falls out again. With his nose a bloody mess, he may now be breathing out of his mouth, leaving it open.

Musoke lands a big right hand and presses Tumenov against the cage, looking for a takedown once again, with a minute left in the round and fight. Tumenov ducks under a punch and lands a double leg takedown.

Musoke bounces back to his feet and presses Tumenov against the fence, as the fight ends.

Official Decision:

All three judges score the fight 29-28 for Tumenov. Amazing fight, close battle.

Kenny Robertson (14-3) vs. Sultan Aliev (13-1) Round 1

Aliev works for a takedown first, but Robertson gets the back, on the feet, and works for his own. Aliev gets free.

Aliev presses the American against the cage and lands some knees from the clinch. Robertson gets free, himself.

Aliev lands a spinning back kick but Robertson counters, afterwards, with a looping left punch that KO’s the Dagestani fighter.

Official Decision:

Robertson wins via TKO at 2:42 of the first round.

Andy Ogle (9-5) vs. Makwan Amirkhani (10-2) Round 1

Ogle and Amirkhani start out the round charging at one another. Amirkhani lands a flying knee, and then an uppercut that drops Ogle!

Ogle is on his seat and Amirkhani continues with punches and the ref stops the fight! This is going to be recorded as one of the fastest KO’s in UFC history.

Official Decision: 

The fight ends via TKO for Amirkhani at eight seconds of the first round.

Nikita Krylov (17-4) vs. Stanislav Nedkov (12-1-0) Round 1

Nedkov rushes in but eats an uppercut from Krylov. Nedkov falls to his back and Krylov follows up with punches and then works for an arm-in front headlock choke.

Nedkov stands but Krylov gets the tap out with a guillotine choke.

Official Decision:

Krylov gets the tapout win at 1:24 of the second round.

Mairbek Taisumov (22-5) vs. Anthony Christodoulou (12-1) Round 1


Mairbek drops Anthony with a leg kick, but allows him to get back to his feet. The leg kick is there again for Mairbek. 


A right cross from Mairbek lands flush, as well as a body kick. Mairbek shoots in high and dumps Anthony with a takedown.


Mairbek lands a spinning back kick to the body. Mairbek goes to the body and then head, back to back, with left hooks. 


Mairbek lands a one-two to the head. Another spinning back kick to the body lands for the Russian. Once more, he picks up and slams the Greek to the mat with a takedown.


Round 2


Anthony shoots in for a takedown, gets stuffed, and Mairbek takes top leg-weave position and unloads with punches until Anthony goes out and the ref stops the fight..


Official Decision:


Mairbek gets the win at :38 of the second round.


Mirsad Bektic (8-0) vs. Paul Redmond (10-4)


Round 1


Bektic starts out fast with a jab and a right cross, then reverses a takedown attempt from Redmond and ends up on top, inside the full guard of his opponent, against the cage. Redmond gets up but gets dragged down to the mat again by Bektic.


Bektic looking to strike and pass. Redmond gets up to his feet but Bektic takes him down again. Bektic passes to half guard, but Redmond recomposes his full guard. 


Redmond bleeding badly from his face, now, with under a minute left. Redmond works for a guillotine choke but Bektic defends easily and continues to grind the Irishman against the cage as the round ends. 


Round 2


Bektic stuns Redmond with a punch, then drags him to the ground. Bektic back on top inside the full guard, against the cage.

Bektic working hard to pass the guard, and does. The ATT fighter in side control now, with Redmond’s head smashed against the cage.

Redmond gets up to his feet but then gets taken down again. Bektic in half guard again. 

Bektic punching and trying to pass the Z guard of Redmond. Bektic looking for a shoulder lock, and then takes the mount with thirty seconds left.

Bektic frames on the face of Redmond to get his posture free, and unleashes punches. Redmond turns his back and gives it up.

Bektic looks for a choke but time rounds out.

Round 3

Bektic gets top position on the ground once more, early in this, the final round. Bektic passes the guard but then moves back into it. 

Bektic throwing big shots but Redmond doing a good job of wrapping up arms and staying evasive, underneath. Bektic passes to half guard again.

Bektic passes fully, then goes back into the guard, willingly. He passes to half guard again, and works to clear the legs again, before once more willingly going back into full guard.

Bektic back into side mount, pressing Redmond’s face against the cage. Bektic goes in and out of the leg drag position.The fight ends with Redmond working his Z guard.

Official Decision:

Mirsad Bektic wins a unanimous decision with scores of 30-27 (twice), and 30-25.

Viktor Pesta (9-1) vs. Konstantin Erokhin (9-1) Round 1

Erokhin lands a left hook to the head of Pesta after the young fighter goes for a takedown. Erokhin lands another left, then a knee to the body and another left!

Pesta is clearly wobbled. Erokhin walking Pesta down and landing more wide hooks, and then an overhand right to the head. Good jab from Pesta.

Pesta goes for another takedown but Erokhin gets a front headlock. Pesta continues to drive for the takedown, and gets it, landing on his head and in the sidemount.

Erokhin holds onto the neck and Pesta lands short elbows to break free. Erokhin uses the cage to try and walk his way up to his feet. Pesta gets another two re-takedowns.

Pesta lands knees to the body and legs and when Erokhin stands, Pesta takes him down again, landing in the sidemount once more, with thirty seconds left. 

Erokhin gets a half guard and gets an overhook on Pesta’s right arm. Round ends.

Round 2

Erokhin lands a left and hight hook at the start. Pesta charges in again for another takedown.

Erokhin gets free. Erokhin bleeding near his left eye. Pesta charges in again, working for a takedown. He switches to a single leg takedown attempt and gets it.

Pesta inside of the full guard and lands elbows and punches. Erokhin’s guard low and lazy on the back of Pesta. 

Pesta passes into half guard and lands more punches to end the round.

Round 3

Pesta gets another single leg takedown, to start the third round. Pesta gets one hook in from the back, and lands punches to the head.

Erokhin gets up and Pesta gets another takedown and lands in sidemount. Pesta gets a crucifix position and lands punches and elbows on the Russian. 

One minute left. Short elbows from Pesta.

Round and fight ends.

Official Decision:

Pesta wins a unanimous decision with scores of 30-27 (twice) and 29-28.

Neil Neery (14-10) vs. Chris Beal (10-0) Round 1

Both men snapping punch combinations until an apparently low punch from Beal, which stops the action for a moment. Beal scores a takedown once the action re-starts.

Seery back up to his feet, after using the cage to rise. Seery begins to find his range with inside leg kicks, and punches, though a left hook from Beal causes swelling over the Dubliner’s eye.

Seery switching up his stance, all round long. Beal with a big body kick. 

Round 2

Seery bouncing on his toes and continuing to stalk Beal, in the opening moments. Beal hits Seery with an accidental eye poke, and draws blood. Very soon after the re-start, Seery kicks Beal on his cup. The action stops again. Seery grabs a front headlock, lands a knee and then jumps guard and works for a guillotine choke. Seery rolls into mount, and then back to his back, before Beal breaks free. Next, Serry works for a Kimura shoulder lock from his half guard. Beal defends and gets free, following up with strikes.

Seery doesn’t concede the advantage, however, and throws elbow after elbow to the head of Beal, who is in his full guard. Beal gets the back of Seery for a moment, and works for a rear naked choke. Seery defends, then gets up to his feet with a minute left.

Seery goes for a drop takedown, but doesn’t get it and Beal is back on top, in half guard. Seery reverses Beal with forty seconds left! Seery lands a big elbow but then gets reversed by a switch from Beal, who gets on top, inside the full guard. With ten seconds left, Seery locks in an arm triangle but doesn’t get it.

Round 3

Chris Beal has fought hard and well thus far, but certainly looks a bit fatigued at the start of this round. Seery, on the other hand, is still bouncing and stalking.

Seery landing with his left punch. Seery’s punches adding up now, to the head.

Beal gets hit again and almost loses his footing as he’s sent reeling backwards. Seery with anothe rbig straight left hand.

Seery hits a double leg takedown, but Beal gets back up to his feet immediately, with a minute and a half left. 

Beal attempts a takedown and gets a single leg with thirty seconds left. Seery immediately begins to unleash more elbows from the borrom. Seery doing most of the striking damage on the ground and the horn sounds with both men swinging. 

Official Decision:

Seery wins a unanimous decision with scores of 30-27 (twice) and 29-28.

"The plan was always to push him," the Irish warrior says.