Josh Thomson questions Anthony Pettis’ injury, calls surgery ‘pointless’

Josh Thomson isn't particularly happy about Pettis getting a 'pointless' surgery.


Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Didn’t anyone learn anything from Donald Cerrone? Anthony Pettis is not a guy you want to talk smack about.

Josh Thomson was the second fighter in two weeks to blast the UFC lightweight champion. The man who was supposed to fight Pettis next month at UFC on FOX is questioning the veracity of the knee injury that is keeping Pettis out perhaps until the summer.

Nate Diaz ripped Pettis last week for ‘€œb-itching out of every other fight’€.

"I’ve gone through that same injury myself, and I fought that third fight with Gilbert with a torn PCL, which is why I’m kind of confused as to why Pettis is not fighting," Thomson told Bloody Elbow. "€œI feel that it’s something you can work through, and there’s not very much they can do for it."

We’€™re no doctors. But any kind of torn ligament doesn’€™t sound like a good thing. Thomson seems to think surgery for a torn PCL is ‘€œpointless,’ which is something apparently told to him by doctors and surgeons.

‘Rest and letting it heal is the best way to deal with it,’ Thomson said. "€œI still fought with mine torn, and it happened the week before the fight."

‘The Punk’ is miffed that his title shot is gone -€“ we get it. But didn’€™t he also lose that third fight with Melendez? Now, if he won with a torn PCL, that would be a different story.

Thomson now takes on former lightweight champion Benson Henderson in the main event of January’€™s UFC on FOX card. The winner of that, you’€™d have to imagine, would get a shot against Pettis whenever he’€™s ready to go again.

"€œThe most upsetting thing for me is that the title opportunity has been taken away,"€ Thomson said. "It’s just sad."

Pettis probably isn’€™t exactly celebrating either.