Josh Barnett enjoyed being back, but could decide to leave fighting for better pay

Josh Barnett (R) may have enjoyed every part of returning to UFC action this past Saturday, but he's also said to be entertaining lucrative offers from outside the ring.

Ken Ishii/Getty Images

When Josh Barnett fought Roy Nelson last Saturday in the main event of UFC Fight Night in Japan, it was the first time in nearly two years that "The Warmaster" competed. According to his manager, Leland Lebarre, it could very well be another two years before we see Barnett fight again, if ever.

UFC Tonight reported Wednesday that Barnett is not only healthy after his fight, but that he enjoyed the experience of being back in competition, including the entire road leading up to the bout in Japan. However, the former world champion also has other offers outside the cage that could tempt him to take more time off if he doesn’t get the right fight offer.

"Josh is healthy and could conceivable walk right into an elimination title fight right now because he is at peak physical condition. However, he has big movie offer and frankly they pay better," Lebarre told UFC Tonight.

According to the fighter’s manager, Barnett needs to decide whether his fighting legacy are more important. Barnett could be ready to fight again in as little as two months, or he could walk away from the sport forever.

With that said, Lebarre emphasized that Barnett is eager to jump at any opportunity the UFC may throw his way.  "We fight at the leisure and discretion of the powers that be at Zuffa," he said.

We will keep you posted with updates on this story as it develops.