Jose Aldo: I’m going to hurt Conor McGregor worse than I’ve ever hurt anyone

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo (L) is promising pain for challenger Conor McGregor (R).

Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Jose Aldo has spent a lot more time with antagonist Conor McGregor than he probably would have liked to without getting to lay hands on his challenger. At every turn, McGregor has ranted, raved, threatened and insulted the UFC’s longest-reigning world champion.

Well, at least in public. In a recent interview with Combate, Aldo said that the Irishman’s show is just for cameras.

"[McGregor] likes to taunt. He sees a camera and then he puts on a little show," Aldo said.

When their interacting wasn’t pre-planned by McGregor, however, Aldo claimed that the man he’s set to fight in December acted a whole lot less rough. "When I showed up in the TUF house, [McGregor] reached his hand out to shake mine," Aldo remembered.

"Scarface" claims that he was expecting and ready for a fight with McGregor in that moment. Instead, Aldo says that the "Notorious" star was surprised and subdued. 

"I thought we were going to fight right there," Aldo continued.

"[McGregor] complained to [UFC president] Dana [White] and [UFC co-owner and CEO] Lorenzo [Fertitta]. He said that he was set up."

After being forced out of their originally-scheduled title fight in July with serious rib injuries, Aldo seems all the more revved up to make McGregor pay for all his insults. Beating back challengers and defending his featherweight world title is nothing new for the Brazilian, but he plans to make a statement on McGregor’s body and face this time.

"You can be sure I will hurt him like I have never before done to anyone," he said. "He will leave the fight busted up and I will leave with another victory."