Jorge Masvidal TKOs Jake Ellenberger in bizarre finish after foot gets stuck in the cage

Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

For the first time in UFC history a fight was stopped after one of the competitors got his foot stuck in the cage and was unable to continue.

It was a bizarre ending to the welterweight showdown between Jorge Masvidal and Jake Ellenberger that started out as an exciting affair before the strange finish to the fight.

As the action got underway, Ellenberger was able to crack Masvidal with a couple of hard punches but the American Top Team fighter didn't flinch before returning fire with some of his own combinations.

Masvidal hurt him during one exchange that sent Ellenberger reeling towards the cage before following up with a flurry of punches that nearly stopped the fight. Somehow, Ellenberger survived the onslaught and got back to his feet.

Ellenberger didn't get deterred and instead came back with an aggressive attack of his own, but that's ultimately what led to the end of the fight.

Following an attempted kick from Masvidal, Ellenberger grabbed his opponent's leg and charged across the Octagon looking for a takedown and then a quick punch. As Ellenberger crashed into the cage, his foot was literally locked in the fence as Masvidal looked to take advantage with his opponent in a defenseless position.

Thankfully, referee Herb Dean quickly ran in to stop the fight while Ellenberger removed his foot from the cage. Unfortunately because the fight was stopped, Ellenberger wasn't allowed to continue and Masvidal was declared the winner by TKO.

“That was weird,” Ellenberger said after the fight. “My foot got caught in the fence. I'm in a lot of pain but we'll see.”

It was certainly an odd way for a fight to end but it wasn't either fighter's fault that the bout was stopped.

Ultimately it serves as a big win for Masvidal as he gets a victory over a top 15 opponent and after the fight was over he immediately called for a matchup with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone.

“'Cowboy',” Masvidal said addressing the former title contender. “I'm praying for you to win your fight.”

Cerrone is currently slated to face Matt Brown in the co-main event at UFC 206 next weekend in Toronto, but before he even steps into the Octagon he's already been called out by Masvidal for his next fight.