Jones’ wild first pitch at MLB game

Light heavyweight champion Jon Jones popped into Thursday

night’s Blue Jays vs. Yankees game in Toronto just days before

taking on

target="_blank">Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165.

Jones was given the honor of throwing out the first pitch and,

unlike this

tiny Korean girl who throws heaters, was unable to muster up a

respectable throw.

Now, Jones didn’t exactly join the ranks of

Carly Rae

Jepsen or


Hwang as the worst of the worst, but we expected a little more

from a guy who comes from

a family of

athletic freaks.

To recclaim his manhood and restore dignity to the mound, Jones

went on the offensive and challenged the Jays mascot to a duel.

After that, Jon got to meet none other than Yankees superstar

Alex Rodriguez. Not a bad recovery for Jones, eh?

Quick recap: Jon Jones throws out terrible first pitch. Jon

Jones challenges mascot to fight. Jon Jones gets to hang out with

A-Rod. Yeah, Jones probably isn’t too upset about that bad


Moral of the story, don’t quit your day job ‘Bones’.