Joe Rogan watches virtual Joe Rogan beat up Nick Diaz

(Photo by Michael Schwartz/WireImage)
Michael Schwartz/WireImage

UFC commentator Joe Rogan is available as an unlockable character on the new EA Sports UFC 2 video game, and even he admits it’s weird watching himself take the Octagon like a professional fighter. Especially when he’s knocking out former champions like Nick Diaz.

Rogan recently had fellow comedian Hannibal Burress on his podcast, where Burress revealed just how much fun he and his friends have playing the new game. Rogan then revealed to Burress how much commentary he and Mike Goldberg had to do for the game, and how he compromised on being an unlockable character, so he could get out of doing even more commentary.

Then things got weird.

A producer pulled up a clip of a EA UFC 2 fight between Rogan and former Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz, and Rogan had the chance to commentate himself in a UFC fight.

Check it out for yourself, but warning, it is NSFW.