Joe Rogan previews UFC 162

The UFC video wizards in Las Vegas have assembled their latest

“Extended Preview”, this time in support of UFC 162: Silva vs

Weidman. As usual, UFC mic man Joe Rogan anchors the video, but

this is the


we’re talking about here, so Rogan brought out the heavy artillery.

Georges St-Pierre, Daniel Cormier, Chael Sonnen, and more make

cameo appearances as guest analysts. Indeed, this one’s worth the

watch. In the meantime, here are the most quotable quotes:

“Anderson Silva may very well be facing the toughest test of his


—Joe Rogan

“I think I’m a nightmare matchup for him stylistically.”


—Chris Weidman

“If there’s one guy in the middleweight division who can beat

Anderson Silva, it’s [Weidman]”

—Georges St. Pierre

“The general public may not know [Weidman] as well as they

should. But they will.”

—Daniel Cormier

“Every time my phone rang, I would think, ‘Jeez, I hope they’re

not gonna tell me I got Chris Weidman’.”

—Chael Sonnen

“I’m not here to play games.”

—Anderson Silva

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