Jessamyn Duke shows off striking in one-sided performance over Peggy Morgan

When The Ultimate Fighter ended this season, Jessamyn Duke chose

to relocate to California to work with UFC women’s champion Ronda

Rousey full time. It seems the hard work and tutelage working with

Rousey paid off as she put on a one-sided performance to beat

former teammate Peggy Morgan in the second featured women’s bout at

the TUF 18 finale.

As two of the tallest women in the bantamweight division, Morgan

and Duke negated the reach advantage they both normally enjoy

almost as soon as the fight started. Morgan looked for the clinch,

but Duke’s counters were ultra effective as she started launching

knee strikes to the body forcing her former Team Rousey teammate to

look for the takedown.

Seeing the opening for a submission, Duke dropped for a

guillotine choke, pulling full guard and grabbing onto Morgan with

every ounce of her strength. Through patience and perseverance,

Morgan was able to slip free, but immediately found herself caught

in a triangle choke courtesy of Duke. Morgan pressed down on her

opponent’s body to alleviate the pressure from the choke, but Duke

countered with a series of elbows that landed like battering rams

to the side of her head.

Morgan attempted to establish her jab a bit more in the second

round, but her best efforts were instead met with combination after

combination from Duke, whose striking was just much more effective.

Morgan’s straight punches were no match for Duke, who came over the

top with left and right hooks, slamming her opponent on the sides

of her face.

As the third round started to tick away, Duke’s offensive game

just gained confidence with her punches finding a home on Morgan’s

chin. Duke continued to pepper away from the clinch against the

cage, but her aggressiveness almost cost her as she went for a

bulldog choke and Morgan’s counter landed her on the back, sinking

her hooks in and looking for the choke. Duke wiggled free and was

able to get half guard back against Morgan before referee Kim

Winslow stood the fighters up despite the dominant position on the


Back on the feet before the final seconds ran out, Duke cracked

Morgan with a few more shots for good measure as her face swelled

like a balloon. The one-sided fight showed with the judges as well

as all three scored the fight 30-37 in favor of Duke.

Duke (3-0) looked fierce in her official UFC debut and as she

continues to train with UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda

Rousey and former teammate Shayna Baszler, the sky is the limit for

this young Octagon newcomer. Morgan (2-1), who also works as an

adjunct college professor, drops her first professional fight after

opening her career with back-to-back wins after a successful

amateur career as well.