‘Mayhem,’ Hall in scuffle [UPDATE]

[UPDATE 10/30/13 at 9:26am PT]

In the aftermath of Uriah Hall and Jason Miller’s confrontation,

the question arose, would Hall get punished by the UFC for turning

the confrontation physical and throwing a punch at Miller?

UFC President Dana White chimed in on the topic and made it

clear that the answer is a resounding NO.

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[UPDATED WITH VIDEO 10/28/13 at 1:26pm PT]

Video from the Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller and Uriah Hall

confrontation has been released by


Spencer Lazara, who added backstory to the altercation that

describes Miller’s inflammatory and provocative actions towards


The scene begins with Jason “Mayhem” Miller being

aggressive to a woman who is apparently his ex girlfriend who he

has allegedly assaulted in the recent past. This was told to me by

a source close to Miller who added that he is currently out on bail

in fact for allegedly assaulting her. She was visibly emotional and

upset and he continued to yell at her as her friend shielded her

from Miller. Uriah Hall poked his head in the situation and

instantly Miller turned his aggression to him. He began with

continuous rants of, “N**** please.” You can then hear

Uriah saying to those holding him, “I’m good, I’m

good,” to which Miller replies, “Oh I know you’re

good.” Mayhem is constantly looking to get Hall upset, and

accomplishes his goal.


This is another unfortunate incident for Miller, whose drastic

turn from affable fan-favorite to


target="_blank">troubled outcast has left him alienated from

the MMA community that once embraced him.


Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller may be retired from MMA but that doesn’t

stop him from finding new and inventive ways to land his name in

the headlines. The latest instance involved a reported scuffle with


Fighter 17 finalist Uriah Hall at a regional MMA fight card in

California on Friday night.

The event called BAMMA USA/Bad Beat 11 featured several fighters

from the local California area and both Miller and Hall were in

attendance watching the card unfold.

According to


reporter Erik Fontanez, who was attending the event and spoke

to FOX Sports just after the altercation unfolded, a large group of

people began gathering just before the co-main event of the


The group was surrounding Miller, who was getting heated with

another person and that person just happened to be Hall, who was

standing just a few feet away from the former Ultimate Fighter


Out of nowhere, Miller apparently flipped off Hall, taunting him

and shouted a racial slur at Hall along the way. Hall reacted and

threw a punch at Miller before security intervened and broke up the


The two fighters were escorted from the building, although Hall

was allowed to re-enter after Miller left the area.

(WARNING: Strong language in original tweet, edited


Just moments after the altercation went down, Miller took to



target="_blank">to repeat the racial slur originally aimed at

Hall although he didn’t say him by name when responding on the

social network site.

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There was no word on what caused Miller and Hall to end up in a

heated argument, although the two fighters did both train at the

Reign Training Center under the tutelage of UFC Fight Night main

event competitor Mark Munoz.

Miller recently left the gym and had some very unkind words for

Munoz upon his exit, and Hall still trains there for his fights.

It’s unknown if that component played a part in the scuffle or if

it was an entirely different scenario all together.

Miller has already been in legal troubles lately with pending

charges still looming overhead for


domestic violence arrests that took place over the summer. The

police did not get involved during the scuffle with Miller and

Hall, however, as security just broke up the melee and sent the

fighters packing from the event.