UFC Dublin Blog: Smolka submits Holohan in two rounds in Ireland

UFC: Dublin headliners Paddy Holohan and Louis Smolka face-off.

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Louis Smolka and Patrick Holohan capped a great night of fights in Dublin with a thrilling back-and-forth flyweight main event. Holohan scored early and often with takedowns, and threatened over and again with submissions.

Smolka always defended, recovered and threatened with his own submissions. He also managed to hurt Paddy badly with kicks and punches, at the end of the first round.

In the second round, the two young warriors continued their grappling battle until Smolka once more made the difference with big strikes landed, this time, on the ground. The Hawaiian’s ground elbows and punches from on top set up his mount, back-take, and eventual winning rear-naked choke.

Read the blow-by-blow from every main card fight, below!

Paddy Holohan (12-1-1) vs. Louis Smolka (9-1)

Round 1

Holohan shoots in right away, and presses Smolka against the cage. The entry wasn’t super slick, but Paddy keeps working and gets the Hawaiian down.

Smolka gets cross-sided, but locks on an inverted D’Arce choke! Holohan keeps his cool, escapes, stands up and locks up a standing guillotine choke.

Holohan loses the hold, gets another takedown and sets up a twister cervical lock, on the mat. Smolka defends and turns in, and ends up on top.

Holohan reverses positions and is on top. Smolka stands up, but Paddy gets another takedown.

From there, Holohan locks on a heel hook. Smolka turns and burns to defend and ends up in the leg weave position, on top. 

Smolka drops back and goes for a straight ankle lock. Holohan defends, stands and scores another takedown.

Holohan gets cross-side but Smolka stands and lands a kick flush to the chin of Paddy, on the feet! Paddy is wobbled and gets hit by a punch to the head.

Paddy tries for another takedown, but Smolka switches out. Holohan shoots in again, against the fence. Smolka defends and lands several elbows to the temple. 

Smolka gets to his feet with 15 seconds left. Smolka ends the round with big punches. 

Two left hooks land flush, and hurt Paddy, badly.

Round 2

Holohan storms forward looking for another takedown. Smolka defends but gives up his back.

Paddy takes his back, standing. Holohan locks on a figure-four lock around Smolka’s waist, on the ground, and looks for the rear naked choke.

Smolka fighting Paddy’s hands, well, to defend the choke. Smolka turns in and ends up on top, in Paddy’s full guard!

Smolka passes to the side mount and lands elbows to the body before Paddy stands to his feet. Smolka locks on a tight guillotine choke and brings Paddy down to the mat, on his own terms.

Holohan escapes the hold, but ends up eating elbows to the face, from his half guard. Paddy gets a full open guard and tries an omoplata shoulder lock but Smolka escapes.

Smolka on top, now, raining punches down, from the back, and then mount, against the cage.

Paddy taking lots of damage and only covering up. He gives up his back, Smolka locks in the rear-naked choke and forces the tap out.

Official Decision: Smolka wins by rear naked choke at 4:09 of the second round

Norman Parke (21-4) vs. Reza Madadi (13-3)

Round 1

Madadi shoots in, high, and presses Parke against the cage, looking for a takedown. Parke defends it and gets free.

Madadi stalks Parke, shoots for a single-leg. Parke defends, but gets driven backwards into the cage.

Madadi doesn’t give up on it, however, and keeps pressing. Parke threatens with a front headlock, but Madadi gets free and keeps working for a takedown. Madadi drags Parke down but the Irish fighter gets up, threatens to take his back and then sprawls on a re-shoot. Parke is certainly the looser fighter.

Round 2

Madadi gets in Parke’s face, working for takedowns from the start. Parke defends slickly, and works his own clinch game, against the cage.

Parke separates again and begins to light Madadi up with punches to the head. Madadi tries taunting but still eats shots.

Parke presses again, looking for his own takedown. Madadi defends, but can’t mount his own offense, save for one takedown.

Round 3

Madadi comes out punching sharply, and lands more than he has, to the head, than at any previous time in the fight. Madadi bobbing and weaving well and mixing in uppercuts and overhands.

Madadi works a front headlock but Parke escapes. Parke lands a takedown, and presses Madadi against the cage.

Madadi turns his back, stands and tries to break Parke’s grip. Parke momentarily drags him down, but Madadi gets back up to his feet.

Official decision: All three judges score the fight for Parke, with scores of 30-27

Nicolas Dalby (14-0) vs. Darren Till (13-0)

Round 1

They clinch up in the center of the cage, early, and Till gets to work with his Thai plum and knees to the mid-section. Dalby lands a kick to the body but eats a punch to the head at the same time.

Till goes to work with knees in the clinch, again. Dalby punches out of it.

Till with a nice straight punch to the head. Dalby presses him against the cage but Till gets free with a minute and a half left in the round.

Till goes high with a left high kick that connects. A short elbow to the head follows, for Till.

Till lands another straight left cross. Dalby is game, but having trouble dealing with Till’s range and timing, on the feet.

Till drops Dalby, hard with a left shovel punch, and follows up with a flurry of ground punches until Dalby is saved by the horn.

Round 2

Till counters a leg kick with another left straight punch. Till gets back to work with his clinch, and lands a couple knees to the body.

Till lands with another glancing left high kick. Till lands an inside leg kick. 

Till lands a one-two punch combination. Till ducks under in the clinch and takes Dalby’s back, while standing.

Till presses Dalby, face-first, into the fence, and works knees to the legs. Dalby turns and faces Till, and then gets free. 

Dalby lands a high left hook to the top of Till’s head. Till lands a lead head kick.

Dalby gets double underhooks on Till, takes him down. Till pops right back up, but is still pressed against the cage.

Dalby frames against Till’s head with his left, while under hooking with his right, and lands a big knee. The referee warns them to ‘work,’ because he doesn’t realize wrestling, punches, elbows, and knees are a lot of work.

They separate, Dalby lands an elbow to the head, but then eats a cross to the chin, drops, and The round ends.

Round 3

Dalby lands a head kick that wobbles Till! Dalby presses but Till grabs a leg and looks for a single leg takedown.

Dalby defends and gets free. Dalby lands a leg kick, Till lands a cross to the head.

Till lands another elbow to the head. Dalby presses against the cage and scores a takedown. 

Till gets up, but Dalby takes his back. Dalby lands a knee to the head. 

Till may have been downed, at the time. I couldn’t tell for certain. Dalby lands a kick, presses forward and storms Till with punches.

Dalby lands a body kick, an overhand right to the head, and scores another double leg takedown. He has found his range and speed, here.

Dalby mounts and punishes Till with punches! Till gives up his back. Dalby punches with his left hand, downwards, while holding Till’s right hand with his own.

Till stands but is wobbled. Dalby presses against the cage again, lands multiple knees to the head before scoring another takedown.

Till gets back up, and fires a cross. Till was not the same after that first knee, against the cage, that may or may not have been legal.

Dalby storming back with so much heart, after getting hurt badly in the first two rounds. He is hitting Till with punch after punch, gets the clinch, and lands another knee to the head.

The fight ends with Dalby holding Till from behind, against the cage, with a body lock.

The replay shows that that knee from Dalby almost certainly came as Till had his hand on the ground, though the commentators don’t believe that it was illegal. Till’s left shoulder is out of whack. 

It looks to have gone limp and he is pointing to it to the doctor.

Official Decision: The fight is scored a majority draw as Till gets one judge to score it 29-28 for him, while the other two scored it 28-28

Neil Seery (15-11) vs. Jon Delos Reyes (8-4)

Round 1

Seery comes out firing. Delos Reyes fires back with his own punches.

The grappler Delos Reyes clearly isn’t afraid to strike but he eats a couple overhand rights to the head. Soon, he forces the clinch and scores a takedown but Seery avoids much damage off his back and works his way up after attempting an arm bar.

Delos Reyes gets back in his face, only to eat more overhand rights. He’s walking through them, but they have to be taking a toll. Seery scores his own takedown from a front headlock, but Delos Reyes stands up without taking damage. 

Delos Reyes manages to scores another takedown, but Seery uses a half butterfly guard expertly to get back to his feet. Once there, he pounds away with more overhand rights to the head.

Round 2

Seery pulls guard after locking up an arm-in guillotine choke attempt. Delos Reyes gets out, scrambles up and out and then takes Seery’s back. 

Seery hand fights well and defends the rear naked choke. Delos Reyes stays on the back as Seery stands.

Eventually, Seery gets out and presses Delos Reyes against the cage, looking for a takedown. He tries for a single leg, gets defended but scores the double.

Delos Reyes gets to his feet and gets free. They trade big punches and knees on the feet.

Delos Reyes ducks under a punch from Seery and scores a takedown. He goes right into an arm-in guillotine, however, and Seery forces the tap out once on his  back!

Official Decision: Seery wins at 4:12 of the second round by arm-in guillotine choke