Hitlist: What we learned from a ‘Notorious’ UFC Fight Night

The city of Boston played host to a huge UFC card this past weekend, and the Fight Night created many special memories. Five really stood out for us, however.

Check them out in our Hit List, below, and then let us know your favorites in the comments sections and on Twitter!

The Boston Crowd

From the start, Sunday, it was clear that the fans who were in the Boston Garden for UFC Fight Night, wanted to be there. They came instead of watching the Patriots, they hollered soccer chants during lulls in action, and they cheered their favorites with fervor.

Boston has always been a great fight town, but it’s clear that it is also a city that knows and cares a lot about mixed martial arts and the UFC, in particular. There were few unclaimed seats in the Garden, Sunday night, and most of them stayed unfilled throughout the event because the fans stayed on their feet for long stretches.

Boston kept the energy and love (at least for their favorites) going, and it was a fun to be a part of. Except for you, guy right behind me who yelled the same, dumb cat call at the Octagon girls all night long.

You’re the worst.

Conor McGregor fighting himself out of a corner

They always say it’s best to keep your mouth shut so that you don’t look like a fool afterwards, if you lose. Conor McGregor, however, has never been afraid to open his mouth, and make promises that add so much pressure to a fight that they back him into a corner on fight night.

With McGregor, it’s win or swallow your pride. He hasn’t had to do the latter in some time, now.

Like all great competitors, "Notorious" finds special ways to motivate himself, and one of his specialties seems to be pilling weight onto his shoulders with pre-fight trash talk. Once he steps into the cage, his opponent wants to tear him limb from limb, and expectations from fans are unreasonably high.

On Sunday, McGregor’s actions once again rose to meet his lofty predictions, and you have to admit that it was impressive.

McGregor going after Aldo, after the fight

Sportsmanship is nice, if you can stomach it. This writer rarely minds when fighters actually act as though they want to fight one another.

McGregor showed that he’s more than a mouth, in more ways than one on Sunday. First, he beat Siver after taunting him for months.

Afterwards, he literally ran out of the cage to confront featherweight champion Jose Aldo, who was ringside. Cooler heads (and security personnel) ultimately prevailed, and Aldo and McGregor didn’t come to early blows.

But, for a few chaotic moments it appeared as though they could have, and it was nothing if not exciting. Excitement, of course, is one name of the fight game.

"Boston Strong" Rosa winning

Well before he won Sunday night, Boston’s Charles Rosa had already come a long way in his young life. He’s battled addiction to become a healthy and productive adult, in spite of family tragedy, and he made it to the major leagues of his profession.

Before Sunday night, however, Rosa still hadn’t a UFC win to his name. That changed with an impressive third round submission win against Sean Soriano on the Fight Night undercard.

Rosa injured himself in the first round, but still managed to get better as the fight wore on, using excellent grappling to control the second and third rounds, before finishing with the type of front choke that he’d been drilling all week long.

To make it all the sweeter for the young featherweight, he got the biggest win of his career at home, and in the Boston Garden, where he watched his beloved Bruins play as a young hockey player himself. Afterwards, Rosa could be seen in the crowd, laughing, talking and celebrating with the fans, many of whom were either friends of his, or people he simply made feel that way for the night.

Lorenz Larkin looking good at welterweight

Daniel Cormier has said that Lorenz Larkin once told him cutting to the middleweight limit was the hardest thing he’d ever done. So, when the fighter out of California decided to drop down fifteen pounds to welterweight to fight John Howard, there was no telling how he’d feel and look.