Heavyweight showdown in Houston

Houston Rockets star center Dwight Howard and guard James Harden

are always down for a battle on the basketball court, but on

Thursday they probably weren’t chomping at the bit for a fight when

they met some special guests courtesy of the UFC.

Howard and Harden came face to face with UFC heavyweight

champion Cain Velasquez and top contender Junior dos Santos at the

Toyota Center in Houston for a few minutes this week.

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Dwight versus The Might

The two standout Houston Rockets players even got the chance to

hold the UFC title Velasquez will be defending on their home court

on Saturday night, but he couldn’t let them hang onto it for too

long or Howard and Harden might have had a fight on their


While both former NBA All-Stars are warming up for the

basketball season about to start, Velasquez and Dos Santos will

rule Houston at UFC 166 on Saturday night in the main event with

the heavyweight title up for grabs.

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James Harden holds the NBA title for best beard

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Dwight Howard just can’t handle the ‘fist pose’

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Velasquez and Howard are all smiles in Houston