Hamill’s coach opposed to comeback

Matt Hamill will step into his bout next week at UFC Fight Night against Thiago Silva without the help of his longtime friend and trainer Duff Holmes.

Hamill had worked with Holmes for several years out of a gym in New York after he left The Ultimate Fighter back in 2006.

Unfortunately after Hamill decided to return to fighting following a brief retirement, the two had a difference of opinion especially concerning his decision to take this upcoming fight against Silva in Brazil.

Holmes told UFC Tonight’s Ariel Helwani that he refused to train Hamill for this fight because he doesn’t believe the Ohio native should be competing out of fear of suffering further damage to his long-term health. This resulted in Hamill picking up and moving his camp to Tampa, Florida where he trained for the bout against Silva instead.

Holmes, who actually learned sign language so he could communicate and help train Hamill better, wishes his former fighter the best and admitted it will be odd to not be in his corner for the bout.

"There is a guy who lives inside of Matt Hamil that can wipe the floor with Thiago Silva but I’m not sure he’s still around and I’m not sure he’s going to come back next week," Holmes said.

Hamill had initially retired from fighting after two losses in a row to Alexander Gustafsson and Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson in 2011. His exit from MMA lasted just over a year when Hamill returned to defeat Roger Hollett at UFC 152 in September 2012.

He has now been out for another year as he makes his return to action next Wednesday in the fight against Silva at UFC Fight Night that airs on Fox Sports 1. It will be the first time in his UFC career that Hamill hasn’t had Holmes as his trainer for the fight camp.