Gustafsson talks UFC 165 war

Alexander Gustafsson dropped by UFC Tonight just four days after

his incredible back-and-forth war for the ages against Jon Jones at

UFC 165. ‘The Mauler’ took the stage with analysts Chael Sonnen and

Kenny Florian to break down the fight against Jones and the future

for ‘The Mauler’.

The first thing on everyone’s mind after the fight was simple.

When and where is the rematch happening? Gustafsson weighed in on

the idea, saying that the UFC has not contacted him yet regarding a

rematch and that all the speculation is “just rumors” for the time


Gustafsson also opened up about how he was feeling after taking

a huge spinning elbow to the face in waning moments of the fourth

round, as well as his general health after the bout had


Alexander described taking the elbow, saying that “I saw stars.

It was a good shot, but I wasn’t out, I was still under control.”

Gustafsson further elaborted, stating that the elbow “took all my

energy in the fifth round. I didn’t have any gas left from that

elbow, I didn’t really recover.”

Sonnen echoed our sentinments at the end of the interview,

thanking Gustafsson for an incredible fight that we will always