Great MMA Debate Podcast: Does Johny Hendricks hit harder than Robbie Lawler?

Johny Hendricks aims to find out who punches harder at UFC 171

Johny Hendricks has one of the most dangerous punches in the entire sport of MMA with a left hand that should be called Ambien because it puts people to sleep.  But for his matchup at UFC 171, Hendricks faces another powerfully strong welterweight named Robbie Lawler with a list of knockouts going back a decade.

So who actually has the bigger one punch knockout power?

"I’d like to say myself," Hendricks said.  "I’m not going to concede to anything.  I’m pretty sure if you ask Robbie Lawler he’s going to say the same thing, that’s just the competitor in both of us.  I don’t want to concede anything to him, and he doesn’t want to do anything to me.  That’s what’s going to make this fun — who does have that one punch knockout power and if we do have it, who’s going to land it?"

Also on today’s podcast, Jake Shields discusses his desire to land a different fight for UFC 171 but ultimately ending up with Hector Lombard.  Shields’ hope is that an impressive win could still land him in title contention, especially considering he already has a win over Lawler and Carlos Condit from previous fights.

"I would have much more rather had Condit or Lawler, I think that would have made more sense," Shields said.  "It was definitely a fight I wanted, but the UFC asked for Hector and it’s not really much I can do.  I’m a team player and I went ahead and took the fight so now I need to get through Hector and hopefully it will put me next in line for the title."

Plus Myles Jury joins the podcast to talk about his main card fight against Diego Sanchez and we break down the entire UFC 171 main card with picks and predictions for the show.  

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