Great MMA Debate: Cheaters, fighter nicknames and Foxcatcher headline the show

A lively debate on today's podcast 

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

On the latest Great MMA Debate podcast, the subject of cheating fighters headlines the show this week with the question should those who are busted for using performance enhancing drugs in MMA still be allowed to be promoted into title fights and positions of prominence in broadcasting?

UFC welterweight Matt Brown sounds off on Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort both still being proclaimed as top fighters and spokesmen for the sport while both have been convicted of using performance enhancing drugs in the past.

Brown, who has stated on past shows that he believes fighters should receive a five-year minimum suspension for testing positive, isn’t happy that cheaters in MMA don’t get blackballed from the sport entirely after being busted.

"This is something I almost mentioned at the Q&A the other day, everybody was talking up Vitor (Belfort) and the same thing with Chael (Sonnen) and I absolutely believe and you can make this the headline, we should stop (expletive) forgiving people who blatantly cheat to hurt other people," Brown said.  "I’m a sick of it.  You’re a (expletive) cheater, you’re (expletive) doing it to hurt other people."

"I believe the MMA community as a whole, I ask that they will stop forgiving people for blatantly cheating to hurt other people. (Chael Sonnen) doesn’t deserve anything. Ever."

Also on the show this week, the team  — Jeremy Loper, Matt Brown, Damon Martin and special guest Mike DiSabato — listen to co-host Mark "The Hammer" Coleman talk about his time as part of the infamous Foxcatcher team from the 1990’s. 

Coleman shared a spot on the team alongside famed wrestlers Dave and Mark Schultz, which is the subject of the upcoming film "Foxcatcher", opening in theaters this weekend. The guys also discuss nicknames in MMA and much, much more 

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