Gracies: Nog should have finished Mir

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira probably should have finished a rocked

Frank Mir with ground and pound back in December 2011. But his

Brazilian jiu-jitsu instincts didn’t allow it.


In this Gracie Breakdown from “UFC Ultimate

Insider,” Rener and Ryron give an in-depth look at that Rener

describes as “one of the most spectacular submission finishes

of all time” – Mir’s gruesome kimura finish over

Nogueira at UFC 140 in Toronto.


The funny thing is, Nogueira had the fight won. He got the

better of Mir on the feet and sent him crashing to the canvas with

an overhand right. But instead of continuing to strike a nearly out

Mir with his fists, Nogueira went for a choke, pulling guard.


“Nogueira had to go back to his jungle roots,” Rener

said, demonstrating the arm-in guillotine choke on Ryron. “He

wanted that guillotine finish.”


Big mistake. The suddenly lucid Mir slipped out and countered

Nogueira’s switch by going cross body into side control.


“The problem was [Nogueira’s] arm was left behind

and even though Mir’s back almost got taken he locked the

kimura grip on the wrist,” Rener said.


Once he was in position after Nogueira attempted to roll out,

Mir put his leg over Nog’s head and started cranking on the

arm. Nogueira refused to tap.


“And it went and it went and it went,” Rener



Until Nogueira’s humerus broke and the fight was stopped.

Mir won via technical submission – and it was the first time

Nogueira, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu icon, had ever been submitted in

his legendary career.


“With this unforgettable submission over Antonio Rodrigo

Nogueira, Frank Mir cemented his position as one of the elite

submission masters in UFC history,” Rener Gracie said.