Godofredo Pepey submits Andre Fili in the first round

At Friday’s weigh-ins, Godofredo Pepey got in the face of Andre Fili for an intense staredown. After securing a tapout submission in the first round of his main card bout against Fili Saturday night in Rio with a triangle choke, however, Pepey was in a much lighter mood.

The Brazilian danced around the Octagon and then told the crowd that the win was credit to God, not him. The submission win came quickly, but not without a lot of fight from both featherweights first. 

Pepey got a takedown early, but Fili used a whizzer to get back to his feet. Soon, Pepey jumped into the triangle choke position that would eventually get him the win. 

Fili forced Pepey against the cage wall, making it difficult to walk out on his shoulders or angle his hips in such a way to finish the hold. However, Pepey was smart enough to press one foot against the chain link and push himself away at an angle to give himself more space to work.

Fili appeared to be on his way out but fought on and regained good, upright posture to defend the choke for a few moments. Pepey angled out away from the fence away and began to score with elbow strikes from the bottom. 

From there, he was finally able to extend out, while squeezing his knees together to force Fili to submit.

The win improved Pepey’s record to 13-3, and dropped Fili’s to 14-3.