Get your fix of ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone

In celebration of Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone facing off against

Rafael dos Anjos at UFC Fight Night: Condit vs Kampann next

Wednesday, August 28th, the UFC has provided us with one of the

most insane fights of Cerrone’s career.

Cerrone entered the fight riding high after a dominant decision

victory over Jeremy Stephens but many were worried that ‘Cowboy’

would be hesitant to engage Guillard in heavy exchanges due to

their pre-existing friendship.

As it turns out, neither Donald Cerrone or Melvin Guillard have

a problem knocking a friend out cold inside the Octagon.

From the second the bell rang, Cerrone and Guillard went

toe-to-toe, with Guillard rocking Cerrone with a huge counter left

hook less than a minute into the fight.

Donald somehow managed to recover and when he did, he unleashed

the fury of a thousand angry cowboys upside Guillard’s head.