GSP on possible return to UFC, facing Anderson Silva and more

The UFC has been trying hard to bring back its former champions, but Georges St-Pierre says a comeback "is not interesting" to him at the moment.

St-Pierre, one of the UFC’s most popular and longstanding champions, hasn’t fought since 2013 and has been at odds with the UFC over its drug-testing program, which in GSP’s view has not been strong enough.

However, he called the UFC’s efforts to improve in that area "exciting" after a recent meeting in Montreal and gave a vote of confidence to their new drug czar Jeff Nowitzky, a former federal investigator in the BALCO case.

Asked how close he is to a comeback, St-Pierre answered "I just don’t know."

"That’s why I didn’t say it’s a retirement, because maybe I come back, maybe not," he told "UFC Tonight."

St-Pierre confirmed he was offered a fight at UFC 186 and declined, though he didn’t repeat his previous assertion that Anderson Silva was his intended opponent. But he did say he’d be watching Silva and the rest of the division, and that he still gets excited when he watches fights.

However, he added, "My decision (to return) should not only be taken on emotion, it should be a rational decision as well."