Frankie Edgar’s camp responds to Jose Aldo’s spy claim

Jose Aldo revealed Wednesday that he had a spy in Frankie Edgar’s training room during the UFC 200 fight week, and that was one of the reasons he didn’t throw many of his patented leg kicks in their fight.

The claim caused some to wonder if Aldo had taken gamesmanship too far, but Frankie Edgar’s striking coach Mark Henry has put the kibosh on that, telling MMAFighting’s Ariel Helwani that Aldo’s spies weren’t the reason Edgar lost — it was Henry’s failure to adjust the gameplan.


Aldo and Edgar fought the full fight rounds at UFC 200, with both fighters landing exactly 81 significant strikes. Aldo, however, landed 41 percent of his strikes, compared to just 30 percent for Edgar, and fought off all 11 of his opponents’ takedown attempts.

If Aldo had thrown more kicks, it might have been easier for Edgar to get him to the ground. But that’s not the reason "The Answer" lost at UFC 200 and Mark Henry understands that.