Frankie Edgar calls out Conor McGregor for ‘conveniently’ not fighting him

Frankie Edgar won’t go as far as saying Conor McGregor is scared to fight him, but he is willing to admit that the featherweight champion seems to keep finding ways not to defend his belt again him.

Edgar appeared to be the top choice to face McGregor for the belt after the Irishman fell to Nate Diaz at UFC 196 back in March.

McGregor ultimately asked the UFC for a rematch with Diaz and so Edgar was placed in an interim title fight against former champion Jose Aldo instead.

Edgar isn’t going to call McGregor a coward for not stepping up to face him, but he also knows he’s been the No. 1 contender for quite some time and they still have never fought.

"I mean we’re conveniently not fighting every time out," Edgar said at the UFC 200 pre-fight press conference in New York. "Every time it comes up, we conveniently not fight.

I don’t know if he’s scared of me, but he may be scared of the result.

— Frankie Edgar 

"I think we’re all fighters, we’re not scared of anybody but I think he’s scared of what could happen."

Edgar believes that McGregor opted for a lower risk fight at welterweight because even if he loses a second time, he’s still got the featherweight title to fall back on.

Edgar is confident he will dethrone McGregor when and if they ever meet and he’s positive the outspoken Irishman is well aware of that fact as well.

"At 170, he doesn’t have as much to lose," Edgar explained. "He loses there he can still go down to 155, still go down to 145. I think he knew what was at risk of possibly losing the belt at 145 to me."

As much as Edgar wants to hand McGregor a loss and take the featherweight title away from him, he’s staying on course right now and focusing on his fight with Aldo at UFC 200.

McGregor weighed in on his featherweight future on Monday while reminding everyone in the division that he’s absent right now but he will return.

The current plan is for the winner of Aldo and Edgar to face McGregor to unify the titles later this year.

Now it’s just a matter of scheduling McGregor’s next fight and then settling the featherweight division when he finally returns.