Floyd Mayweather blames time off for Rousey’s loss

Boxing great Floyd Mayweather speaks out about Ronda Rousey’s loss and the mindset of the former champ in a video by TMZ Sports.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather may not know much about losing but he knows about adversity, and he was caught by TMZ Sports recently and expressed some words of advice to Ronda Rousey. Rousey returned to the UFC octagon following a 13-month layoff after losing the bantamweight title to Holly Holm. She suffered a devastating head kick TKO in that fight, which she admitted had driven her to the lowest point in her life at the time. In her long-awaited comeback fight on Jan. 30, she lost again, this time to the champion Amand Nunes. Mayweather blames the time off for the loss.

Mayweather was very sympathetic to the feelings of Rousey following the loss. He had motivational words for the former champ, telling her to “Hold your head up, stay focused, keep believing. A true champion can bounce back.”  Despite the words of encouragement, Mayweather was critical of the path Rousey took in making her return to fighting.

Mayweather disagreed with the fact that Rousey was immediately set up to fight for the title upon her return. He said in this video, “I think her losing had a lot to do with time off. She should have competed against another female MMA fighter that wasn’t so active as the female that she faced.”  Mayweather believes Rousey could have benefited from a “tune up fight” prior to the match with Nunes.

When speaking of Amanda Nunes, Mayweather said, “(Nunes) was rugged and tough so we can’t take anything away from the girl that she faced.” There has been much discussion from fight fans and media on whether Rousey will fight again or not. To this point, Mayweather says “Ronda Rousey has a lot left, I don’t want her to think this is the end of the world.”

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