‘Dunk City’ hits on Miesha Tate, fails


target="_blank">Florida Gulf Coast University men’s basketball

team hit on Miesha Tate and failed miserably.

Led by dreadlocked shooting guard Sherwood Brown, the Eagles

flocked around the UFC women’s bantamweight and Ultimate Fighter

coach, interrupting an after-ESPYs interview with

target="_blank">ESNEWS. Brown’s courtship was as successful as

his NBA Draft bid:


target="_blank">He got shut down immediately.

“I would love to take a piece of that,” Brown said off camera.

“I would

love to take a piece.”

Tate’s counterpunch? “You wouldn’t remember it.”

Oof, Punk City. Teammates Chase Fieler, Brett Comer and

the rest of the Eagles were dumbstruck, reacting with “Oooh’s” and

“Aaaay’s”, then sheepishly identifying themselves as Dunk City to

the filmer.

Indeed, the Eagles have crash landed.


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