Round of the year? These fighters fired everything in furious 1st

Tony Ferguson and Lando Vannata gave UFC fans a contender for "Round of the Year" with a furious first Wednesday night.

Ferguson, the top-ranked lightweight contender, got more than he bargained for from Vannata at UFC Fight Night in Sioux Falls, S.D. An injury replacement for Michael Chiesa, Vannata was 8-0 in his pro career and looking to "shock the world" in his UFC debut.

He didn’t waste any time, either, bringing the fight to Ferguson, dropping his hands and daring the fearsome veteran to do his worst. What followed was a five-minute firefight in which both men hit the mat and each came close to being beaten.

Bloodied but unbowed, Vannata came out just as bold in Round 2, and paid the price. First, Ferguson tagged him with a Superman punch to the face, which he took without falling.

But then Ferguson caught him in a submission hold and locked it in to force the tap.

Ferguson walked away with the win, but Vannata’s tough challenge and that first round left everyone talking.