Evans finishes Sonnen in a hurry

Prior to UFC 167 taking place, Rashad Evans felt like his

co-main event fight against Chael Sonnen was being overlooked as

part of a huge card, so his mission was to make everyone remember

why he is one of the best light heavyweights in the world.

He also had to deal with the fact that in facing Sonnen he was

taking on a close friend and broadcast partner after the two

fighters had worked together on several occasions as part of the

UFC on FOX analyst team.

None of it mattered once the fight started, however, as Evans

wasted no time in taking the fight to Sonnen turning the tables on

the former collegiate wrestler with the first takedown of the

fight. Once Evans put Sonnen down, he wouldn’t get back up


Evans methodically worked to pass Sonnen’s guard until he

finally landed in the mount where he could start raining down a

fire storm of punches. The former middleweight title contender

rolled to try and avoid damage, but that only fueled Evans’ offense

from the top. Evans pounded away on Sonnen like a steak until the

Oregon native appeared to tap out and immediately referee Herb Dean

rushed in for the stoppage.

Evans has been a part of some of the most heated rivalries in

UFC history including his battles with former teammate Jon Jones as

well as fellow Ultimate Fighter season 10 coach Quinton “Rampage”

Jackson. Fighting a friend was even harder according to Evans, but

fighting is what all UFC competitors are paid to do and this was no


“It’s part of the sport we play,” Evans said after the


Evans (19-3-1) now hopes to get back on the path towards another

title shot, although he stated when speaking to UFC commentator Joe

Rogan that he’s willing to work hard to get there even if it takes

a few more victories. Sonnen (29-14-1) will now head off to Brazil

where he will take on Wanderlei Silva in the newest international

edition of The Ultimate Fighter before the two face off in