Eddie Bravo: ‘You can fight without throwing your fists’

On the latest It’s Time podcast, co-hosts Bruce Buffer and TJ De Santis welcome guests Eddie Bravo and Jon Anik. The excellent UFC play-by-play announcer Anik previews the NFL season, while Bravo holds court on a host of topics from marijuana to what makes his team 10 Planet Jiu Jitsu unique, and more.

Regarding 10th Planet, headquartered in Los Angeles, the Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt says that his team is special simply because of their humility.

"We have open minds," he explained.

"We all have an open mind. That’s it. We’re not hip, we’re not cool, we just have open minds and we accept one another’s kinks, and quirks, and I encourage creativity. And it comes out in our rashguards. We may suck at jiu jitsu but we sure do have the best rashguards."

In all seriousness, Bravo says that creativity and collaboration are the key to advancing effective technique. "Jiu jitsu just flows and we’re all working together like scientists," he continued.

"I’m just like the DJ who is putting it all together from different artists…and sometimes I throw some original sh– in there, too."

Hear more from Bravo on those topics, and more, including why he believes submission grappling matches like those at his Eddie Bravo Invitational are real fights, above. "You can fight without throwing your fists," he maintained.