Donald Cerrone clarifies ‘€˜broke’ remarks, responds to Cole Miller challenge

'Cowboy' just wants to beat people up and have some fun. What's wrong about that?

Donald Cerrone said he needs to fight as much as possible this year because he’s broke in a recent interview with Majority Draw Radio. That prompted people to fall all over themselves on Twitter trying to figure out why a guy who fought four times in 2013 and won a Submission of the Night bonus could be penniless.

Well, he’s not. At least not completely. Cerrone just spent a boatload of cash building a brand new house from scratch in New Mexico. He also has bought a truck and a boat recently, paying in full. “Cowboy” doesn’t believe in loans.

“I shouldn’t say broke – have a lot of assets,” Cerrone told FOX Sports. “Everything I have is paid for.”

That doesn’t mean Cerrone, 30, doesn’t want to fight. That’s all he wants to do. After facing Adriano Martins at FOX UFC Saturday next week, he’s hoping to get on the UFC 171 card in March. Cerrone wants to fight six times in 2014. And if he could, he’d compete at every event.

But if ‘Cowboy’ is going to 145. I’m going after somebody who matters. Not Cole Miller. Why would I go to the end of the line?

“I would fight every month,” Cerrone said with a laugh. “Think about the finances I would have. That would be financial freedom. … I need to. Put ‘Cowboy’ on every card. I’d be ready to go.”

As far as who he’d want to fight at 171 in Dallas, it’s not Cole Miller, who called out Cerrone out at UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs. Philippou on Wednesday. Miller and Cerrone have some history going back to when Miller beat his friend and teammate Leonard Garcia in WEC back in 2007. Cerrone said he doesn’t even remember what that was all about – “that’s how little I care,” he said, calling Miller “a turd.”

Cerrone (21-6, 1 NC) said he could make 145 pounds, Miller’s current weight class, but has absolutely no interest in that fight.

It’s not like I’m broke, because I’m out partying.

“I could definitely make 145,” Cerrone said. “But if ‘Cowboy’ is going to 145. I’m going after somebody who matters. Not Cole Miller. Why would I go to the end of the line?”

It sounds like Miller won’t be one of Cerrone’s six or seven or 12 fights in 2014. Even if “Cowboy” could use the money.

“It’s not like I’m broke, because I’m out partying,” Cerrone said. “People could take that how they want. I don’t care.”