Nate Diaz’s boxing coach says a rematch would go even worse for Conor McGregor

Nate Diaz beat Conor McGregor at UFC 196 with his excellent boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu — the way he usually wins. He also did it with less than two weeks’ notice, reportedly accepting the mega-bout while vacationing in Mexico.

Now, the rumor is that the UFC is looking to give McGregor an immediate rematch against Diaz this July at UFC 200. Diaz’s boxing coach Richard Perez tells us a rematch would go even better for his fighter than the first one did.

"It would be better because we only had 11 days and we only trained for nine," Perez said during a recent interview on the Deep Waters Podcast.

"Usually, when someone gets two weeks’ notice, chances are they are going to lose. But I had a lot of confidence in Nathan and Nathan had a lot of confidence in the way we train, and in the way he trains — he does bicycle riding, running, swimming."

Perez went on to say that the Diaz and McGregor rematch weight class wouldn’t matter much to Nate. The smart thing for the featherweight champion McGregor to do next would be to return to his own class.

"If I were McGregor’s trainer, I’d say, let’s go back to 145," Perez continued. "You’re awesome there. Fight Frankie Edgar or some top guy like that.

"But I guess they want a rematch. That’s going to be different."

With a few months of hard training and focus, Perez believes that Nate will be much more dangerous and effective fighting McGregor a second time. "That’s going to be different because, like you’re saying, he’d have a full camp," he reasoned.

"In a full camp, Nathan don’t mess around."

Even though Diaz has fought and won twice in the past three months, he’s already back to training, according to the trainer. "He took a week off, but he’s still training," he revealed.

"He’s back in training. He’s doing jiu-jitsu, some kickboxing."