Lightning fast: Demetrious Johnson scores last-second submission win at UFC 186

Demetrious Johnson forced Kyoji Horiguchi to submit with one second left in their flyweight championship fight Saturday night at UFC 186, earning the latest submission in UFC history.

For one round, Horiguchi looked very dangerous with his power punches and kept the champion Johnson off of him, and his own back off the floor. For the next four rounds, however, Johnson dominated with skill and timing, using takedowns and ground control to take Horiguchi out of the fight and earn nothing but boos from the impatient Montreal crowd.

In the fifth round of the main event, Johnson steadily ramped up his pace and pressure, taking Horiguchi’s back twice and threatening with rear naked chokes against the 24-year-old challenger. Johnson appeared to have to settle for side control one last time with just 10 seconds left in the fight but instead got an underhook on Horiguchi’s far-side arm, pulled it to him, then spun around and over the head of the Japanese fighter before extending the arm out in a straight arm lock.

Horiguchi didn’t want to, but he was forced to submit at 4:59 of the round.

"It took a long damn time, but we got it done," a jubilant Johnson said afterwards.

"I went for it."

Indeed the champion did. Horiguchi proved to be a resilient challenger, defending takedown attempt after takedown attempt from Johnson, while landing his own big punches and knees to the head.

The fight was pretty even until halfway into the second. At that point, Johnson was able to slow things down, get and secure top position. Every time Horiguchi returned to his feet, he was soon dragged back down.

Johnson admitted that Kyoji’s Karate-based style was tricky to deal with. "It was very difficult," he said.

"I didn’t want to be stupid and get knocked out … I had to time him."

The pound-for-pound great had to pick his spots and managed to do something only the best champions can do: slow things down and speed them up at his own discretion.

When Horiguchi proved tough to handle out in the center of the cage, Johnson kept pressuring untl he controlled the grappling action. Then, with time waning and his opponent tiring, "Mighty Mouse" once more sped things up and nabbed the fight-ending submission hold.

The win improved Johnson’s record to 22-2. The loss was just Horiguchi’s second ever, and dropped his record to 15-2.