UFC champ Demetrious Johnson has gaming session interrupted by drug testers mid-stream

Demetrious Johnson (L) recently decided to make things interesting and challenging for USADA drug testers (R) when they showed up at his home recently.

Ken Ishii/ Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

In case you missed it, UFC flyweight champion and aspiring professional video-game streamer Demetrious Johnson recently had a session with fans interrupted when USADA drug testers came knocking on his door (below). Mid-sentence, Johnson told viewers that he needed to answer the door.

He left his chair and a few moments later his voice could be heard saying, "Well, well, well!"

When Johnson returned to his chair and live stream, he explained the situation to his fans. "I thought it was the police, but no, it turns out to be USADA," he detailed.

"They want to take my blood and my urine."

Before closing the stream to submit samples to the drug testers, Johnson tried to get them to appear on camera. "Come here. Come here! I want to show you guys," he implored.

"I want to show the world that I don’t cheat."

Ultimately, the inconvenienced champ went ahead and closed the stream but we’re hoping he continued to tease the testers.

"You guys have come at a bad time so let me go ahead and close down the stream," he said.