Davis decisions Carmouche

Canadian Alexis Davis took one more step towards her ultimate

goal of becoming UFC women’s bantamweight champion with a unanimous

decision victory over former title challenger Liz Carmouche.

In her UFC debut, Davis admitted once it was all said and done

that the infamous first time Octagon jitters got to her just

seconds after she walked out into the arena. Davis was still able

to get the win, but she settled into a much more comfortable

performance with her second fight on Wednesday night.

Known best as a ground fighter, Davis decided that an aggressive

stand up fight was her best way to throw Carmouche off her game and

it worked to perfection. Davis continuously stalked forward as

Carmouche could only circle, back away and try to counter when the

fighters did engage.

Davis did have to battle through a second round punch that

landed just over her left eyebrow, opening up a cut that started

pouring blood down the side of her face. Luckily the flow of blood

stayed on the side of her face and never affected Davis’ vision.

Later in the round, Davis even managed one of her best moves of the

fight when she caught a kick from Carmouche and quickly kicked out

her other leg, dropping the two of them to the mat. Davis ended up

in side control where she began to pound away with elbows to secure

the score in the round.

The third round saw more of Davis’ control in the striking realm

using good kicks to the legs and well timed punches to keep

Carmouche out of rhythm. The final horn sounded and Davis stood

proud as victor with 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 scorecards from the


Now 2-0 in the UFC and riding a four fight win streak overall,

Davis positions herself in a prime spot to potentially battle for a

title shot in her next fight depending on how things play out in

the division for the rest of this year as well as waiting to hear

when current top contender Cat Zingano will be able to return from

a knee injury.