Daniel Cormier plans to ‘fold Anthony Johnson up like a lawn chair’ at UFC 210

Daniel Cormier submitted Anthony Johnson the first time they met in the Octagon but he’s planning on a knockout in the rematch.

Cormier, who has potentially the best wrestling pedigree on the entire roster, told TMZ that he plans on standing and trading with the heavy handed light heavyweight this time around instead of putting “Rumble” on his butt and dominating that way.

“You’re going to see me get my hand raised,” Cormier told TMZ. “This time, no wrestling. No wrestling. Only boxing. If ‘Rumble’ wants to box, we can box, let’s go. He said he was going to knock me out. I’m gonna knock him out.”

No telling if Cormier is using his boxing-only threat as a smoke screen for their April 8 bout at UFC 210 in Buffalo, New York. Johnson has some of the deadliest hands to ever grace the Octagon, as evidenced by his 16 career knockouts, including five in his last five wins.

That isn’t to say Cormier can’t do it — the former Olympian has six knockouts of his own, all but one coming against heavyweights — but in their first fight, Johnson hit DC with a right hand that sent the champion flying across the Octagon.

The punch made DC immediately change his game plan in order to secure the win. And while he says he’s going to box this time, he reserves his right to switch it up again on fight night.

“It’s my intention [to box],” Cormier said. “Now, if stuff starts to go sideways there could be an audible. I could call an audible, I can’t really promise I’ll stick to the game plan. But yea, it is my intention to stand with that man.

“I’m gonna go right in there and punch him up. Fold him up, right in the belly, like a lawn chair.”