Daniel Cormier congratulates Jon Jones for being a ‘complete [expletive] up’

Heated rivals Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier have made it clear since the build-up to their first fight at UFC 182 that they don’t like each other.

Cormier implored Jones to "get his [expletive] together" after beating Anthony Johnson in May and has taken every opportunity available to flaunt his belt in the face of the former champion.

Jones, on the other hand, has continuously taken shots at Cormier on social media, recently discrediting his title of UFC light heavyweight champion with this meme Thursday night.

DC, never one to back down, tweeted "game on" to the former champ, who then subtweeted Cormier (and subsequently deleted), "Games been on [expletive]." Cormier went on to work up a meme of his own, poking at Jones’ recent sobriety.

To which Jones tweeted (before deleting yet again) that the meme actually represented the face DC made when "he realized I failed and drug test and still managed to beat him at his best."

At that point, however, Cormier was done with the games.

Lucky for us, we’re just a few weeks away from these guys punching each other in the face at UFC 197.