Dana White talks UFC 167

It’s fight week hype week, UFC President Dana White made

an appearance on FOX Sports Live to chat with Charissa Thompson

about UFC 167’s scintillating scuffles, the company’s

most momentous milestone on its 20th anniversary, and to lightly

touch on a potpourri of problems like Jon Jones fighting football

players and Nick Diaz’s pseudo-retirement.

The main story is the main event as Johny “Bigg


target="_blank">Hendricks challenges UFC welterweight champion

Georges St-Pierre. White mentions St-Pierre has been seen

focusing a lot on his striking because of Hendricks’ knockout

power, but believes Hendricks’ famed 2x NCAA Division I

National Champion wrestling credentials will play a much larger

role in the title bout. As for the rumors of the current

champ’s retirement, White says, “I think he’s got

plenty of time left; it just depends on how much longer he wants to

do this.”

As for UFC 167’s other high profile welterweight bout

featuring a well-rounded Canadian versus a heavy-handed American,

the UFC Prez insists if Rory MacDonald beats Robbie Lawler and if

St-Pierre is still champ then those two teammates should fight.

“You cannot be the man unless you beat the man,” tells

White quoting “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

On the topic of greatest moment in company history, White

offers, “If I had to pick one thing that was our greatest

accomplishment or my biggest moment – it would have to be the FOX


Lastly, 9x NBA All-star Gary “The Glove” Payton made

steal 2,446 by asking White for free tickets for Saturday’s

fights. Absolutely shameless.