Dana White: Nate Diaz said he’s buying a yacht, we may not see him again

Nate Diaz does not give a you-know-what.

That’s the image we got from the moment he was announced as Conor McGregor’s opponent at UFC 196. Diaz wasn’t respectful, excited or a good interview. He dropped F-bombs every other word and seemed to be giving a middle finger to McGregor and the whole world with everything he said.

Diaz believed in himself, his team and his experience fighting in the UFC. Now he’s beaten the biggest star, taken home his biggest pay day — $500,000 to fight, plus a piece of the pay-per-view and $100,000 in post-fight bonuses — and gotten the biggest boost of his career.

And he still might not give a you-know-what.

"We might never see him again," UFC boss Dana White said with a laugh after Saturday’s stunner. "He made so much money tonight, you might never see Nate Diaz again. Somebody asked him ‘What are you going to do with your money?’ He said ‘I’m buying a yacht.’"

Hopefully Diaz really does buy a yacht, christens it the "209, (expletive)" and loads it up with girls and gazelles.

However, Diaz appeared to have much more mundane ideas in his post-fight interview on "SportsCenter." Like fighting again.

Asked if he’s interested in a fight with welterweight champ Robbie Lawler, Diaz said simply, "I want the biggest fight."

"I’ll fight at any weight class," he added.

Zero you-know-whats given.