Dana White: ‘Everything I hear, (Anderson Silva) wants to come back’

Anderson Silva is going to have a long, lond road to recovery.


Donald Miralle/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva is on the road to recovery just over a week out from the horrific leg break that ended his night against Chris Weidman at UFC 168.

Silva suffered the injury in the second round after a leg kick was checked by Weidman, and the Brazilian snapped the tibia and fibia in his left leg.

Silva has already returned home after a brief hospital stay, and according to UFC president Dana White he’s on his feet, walking on crutches and improving day by day.

"Anderson Silva’s healing very well," White told ESPN’s Sportscenter on Monday. "They actually this week put a boot cast on him now, he’s walking around with crutches and a boot cast and crazy enough an ACL tear in the knee puts you out longer than what happened to Anderson Silva.  Anderson will be back in six months, back meaning he’ll be on his foot again and be able to train."

From everything we hear, I’m going to go visit him this week, but everything I hear he’s doing great and wants to come back.

- UFC President Dana White

White’s assessment of the time off for Silva in comparison to an ACL injury is arguable, but Dr. Steven Sanders estimated the former champion would be able to return to training in about six to nine months depending on recovery time.  There is no solid timeline on an actual return to fighting for Silva until his leg completely heals and he can get back in the gym.

Silva has been active on social media, posting pictures via Instagram and other outlets, but has not come out and said yet whether or not he plans on returning to fighting after his leg heals.

White, who plans on visiting with Silva this week in Los Angeles, says that all the news he’s hearing at this point is positive and the word around the campfire is that he will attempt a return to the UFC after his leg is back to 100-percent.

"From everything we hear, I’m going to go visit him this week, but everything I hear he’s doing great and wants to come back," White stated.

Obviously it’s going to be several months before Silva can actually get back into full training to know if he feels well enough to return, but as of now it appears there’s a trend in the positive direction that the fighter most recognized as the greatest UFC champion of all time will fight again one day.