Dan Henderson comes from behind, KO’s Hector Lombard & considers retirement

Dan Henderson knocked Hector Lombard out, Saturday, after nearly being down and out, himself. 

Stacy Revere/ Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Forty-five-year-old former champion Dan Henderson couldn’t turn back time at UFC 199, but he looked Father Time straight in the eye and punched him, hard. Henderson punctuated his legendary career with a dramatic come-from-behind KO victory over former training partner Hector Lombard on Saturday.

After nearly being finished in the first round, Henderson hung on and knocked out Lombard with two moves in the second round that may have been firsts for him.

Lombard started his UFC 199 main card bout against former training partner Henderson by walking him down and backing him against the cage. Henderson connected with punches and hurt Lombard before the Cuban judoka managed to get the American on his back.

Henderson escaped an arm bar and got to his feet, but he soon ate a big left hand that dropped him hard. The former two-division champion showed his legendary heart, regaining his footing once more, but it was clear that he was out on his feet.

Lombard easily took down Henderson and spent the rest of the round inside his full guard. After the horn, Henderson uneasily walked back to his corner.

In the second, Lombard and Henderson fixed their feet and measured one another with kicks and feints. Henderson, still wobbly, threw up a head kick that connected and hurt Lombard. 

Then, with spectacular fluidity, Henderson connected with a reverse back-elbow strike with his right arm that knocked out Lombard out. Henderson dove to the ground with another hard right elbow that landed flush on the unconscious Lombard. 

The referee stepped in, stopped the fight at 1:27 of the second round and Henderson leapt up, shouted and flexed towards the crowd as they roared back at him in celebration. "He’s a tough guy, but that felt good," the 45-year-old said afterward.

"I’m not sure what’s going to happen after this fight … but that could’ve been the last one of my career."

Henderson said he felt the love from the Forum crowd and that it spurred him on to make a comeback.

"I just kind of weathered the storm and regrouped in the second round. I appreciate you guys," he continued as they drowned him out with cheers.

"I definitely felt that warmth in my heart and I appreciate that."

The win improves Henderson’s record to 32-14. Lombard’s mark drops to 34-6-1.