Cowherd: I’d rather watch Rousey-Holm rematch than Game 7 of NBA Finals

For those who still may try to resist its seductions, Colin Cowherd has some bad news: You simply cannot ignore the UFC any longer.

The host of "The Herd" opened his show on Wednesday by explaining just how amazed he is with how far the UFC has come in such a short time. He says it has not only arrived, but that a Holly Holm-Ronda Rousey rematch would rank among the top five must-watch sporting events of the year. Period.

"That, like Starbucks, is pretty amazing," Cowherd said of the UFC. "That did not exist when I was 9. That did not exist when I was 19. That did not exist when I was 29. That did not exist when I was 39. That is a new phenomenon. That’s what’s impressive to me about UFC."

Can you argue with him? Here’s his list, along with a snippet from Cowherd’s comments:

1. Super Bowl — "The must-watch event of the year, the most important event of the year … I never miss a minute."

2. NFL conference title games — "I will watch, regardless of teams."

3. College football national-title game — "I will probably watch all of the games in the playoffs, but not if they keep monkeying around with New Year’s Eve."

4. USA Men’s Team World Cup — "This is personal for me, and it’s happened over the last 10 years … that will trump virtually everything [else]."

5. UFC/Holm-Rousey rematch — "It’s [UFC’s] become Uber to taxis. It’s replaced boxing, and as an American male — especially as an American male now 50, boxing has part of my heart."

Cowherd called the rest of his list "conditional" depending on teams/stakes involved, but considers himself shocked how much he’s all in on the UFC.

For his complete comments, watch the video below.